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French Horror Marathon by Fussbett 03/13/2009, 7:15am PDT

Sheitan relies on the strength of Vincent Cassels is a wacky role, and it's enough to recommend this creepy movie despite the bad ending. I hate an ending that doesn't explain WHY a group of characters did what they did for 90 minutes. Too ambiguous!


Martrys is an art house torture porn movie that will spin sensitive movie connoisseurs like tops because it combines the most crazy over the top torture scenes with a pretty profound and moving plot. So not only is it the first torture porn to actually earn the title but it's also pretentious and FRENCH! The more foreign of the foreign films. How will these Hostel haters defend it with the same stupid mouth and sense of disgust they used against the much more jokey and less agonizing Hostel? I predict a similar reaction as anyone who defends Funny Games. "I hated watching the movie, but I respect it. It made me think."

The ending is the PERFECT level of ambiguity, and I know the motivations of every character. Martyrs stuck with me for days, and I recommend it highly, but it also might fuck you up for life. So watch out for that. :(


I don't know why Ils is getting attention. It's a boring, standard, home invasion horror movie, and features a twist so telegraphed and expected, all of the viewers in my living room guessed it ahead of time based on the film and just reading (internet) newspapers. Once the twist is revealed and you're completely not bothered by it, you too will wonder why this got a US release. Wolf Creek is mentioned a lot when Ils comes up, stemming from both movies being based on actual events. Wolf Creek is a lot better, and the only good thing to come out of that movie was a Caltrops thread where one poster proudly discussed losing his virginity at 22.


Calvaire means "Ordeal", and it's actually Belgian, but French language, so we counted it as part of the marathon. More thriller than horror, it's got a Misery vibe to it, and like Deliverance and more recently and accurately Backwoods, it warns us against ever visiting any small village or countryside ever. Do not do it. It also had a great soundtrack:

French Horror Marathon by Fussbett 03/13/2009, 7:15am PDT NEW
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