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Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (PSP) REVIEW!!!! by I need clarification 05/10/2005, 10:05pm PDT
INC: anyway
INC: I went to the DMV to get my licensed renewed
INC: the last step is to get your picture taken, which is the longest line
INC: so I pull out my PSP
FSBT: Just like the commercials
INC: the guy in front of me in line is a black guy, a little taller than I am, probably in his 60s, wearing dark shades and an absolutely expressionless face
INC: after a minute or so of me playing my game, he turns to me and says, "You better not be taking pictures of people in the DMV."
INC: me: "What? No, I'm playing a game."
INC: Him: "I saw you taking pictures."
INC: Me: (laughing, but a little scared) "With what? This is a video game."
INC: then he turns to face me full-on
INC: "Are you with the FBI or CIA?"
INC: Me: "Haha no. I'm just waiting for my picture, man."
INC: Then some old guy comes up and stands in line behind me
INC: "What's that? A game system?"
INC: Me: "Yeah, it's a PSP."
INC: Black guy: "He's taking pictures with it."
INC: Me: "No, I'm not. It's not a camera, it's just a game system."
INC: Him: "Then how come I saw it flash?"
FSBT: That's unsettling.
INC: Me: "I have no idea."
INC: after a minute, the flash from the DMV camera goes off (again)
FSBT: ha
INC: Me: "See? That's probably what you saw."
INC: him: "I saw THAT flash, too." (pointing at PSP)
INC: me: "Haha no you didn't, because it doesn't flash. See? Golf!" (I hold it up to show him)
INC: another minute goes by
INC: then he turns around again
INC: "Who brings a video game to the motor vehicles?"
INC: me: "There's long lines here! What am I gonna do, stare at the walls?"
INC: that was pretty much the end of our conversation, but he also yelled at the photo clerk girl for daring to step away from the counter for two seconds when it was his turn
INC: and also yelled at her because the electronic signature thing was too small and he couldn't fit his "whole name" on it
INC: (he had to try signing like four times)
INC: they also take an electronic thumbprint
INC: which makes me wonder: why was this guy even going to the DMV?
INC: if he's that worried that everyone is taking pictures of him, why go to the one place they're guaranteed to?
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee (PSP) REVIEW!!!! by I need clarification 05/10/2005, 10:05pm PDT NEW
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