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Virtua Tennis World Tour (PSP) by Eyo 09/07/2005, 11:23am PDT
PSPs looked cool but superfluous until I heard about this game. The best tennis game ever made just got portable, wireless, supporting doubles on doubles. And guess what? I hate tennis. But this game is still amazing.

The game is pretty much a perfect adaptation of the old Virtua Tennis. It's amazingly deep, fluid, and strangely enough, varied. It removes all the difficulty of control in favour of simply trying to out-think your opponent at every shot. Know where that ball is going to land? Get in position and hit it with a lob, topspin or slice. The faster you can predict the ball, the harder your shot will be when the ball connects with your racket. You control where the ball should go with the analog stick. That's it. And it's one of the best adversarial games ever made. It really feels like the Soul Calibur of sports games; sure, you're playing TENNIS, but the amount of strategy, ease of play, and ridiculous depth really makes it the perfect handheld game. A+++++++ recommended get a PSP now.
Virtua Tennis World Tour (PSP) by Eyo 09/07/2005, 11:23am PDT NEW
    Tennis (psh) is broken by SB 09/07/2005, 1:51pm PDT NEW
        EXACTLY. NT by Eyo 09/07/2005, 3:05pm PDT NEW
    How are you playing this already? Did you pirate it or something? NT by I need clarification 10/04/2005, 12:34am PDT NEW
        I believe it was the big title release for the Euro PSP launch. by Motherhead 10/04/2005, 2:38am PDT NEW
            What is this "Euro" you speak of? NT by I need clarification 10/04/2005, 2:45am PDT NEW
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