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Discs of Tron and push/pull spinner newsletter by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/14/2006, 1:49pm PST

There is an old-school arcade a few towns over. It's actually two buildings, one an arcade below a bar which is below a restaurant and a second, adjacent place that has pinball games. Well, pinball games and a Discs of Tron environmental.

It had been YEARS since I was in a Discs of Tron. Don't get me wrong, they were good years. Years filled with girlfriends, sports, college, jobs, apartments, a home, Fag NTs, dogs and cats... fulfilling years. But needless to say, I flipped my shit when I learned that there was a DoT in Colorado.

20 years later, how does it stack up? Here's what I can tell you.

- Don't gain any weight if you want to fit in this thing. Don't gain too much height, either. If you are a bigger guy you won't be able to get in and the only way you can play it is by wrapping your arms around the back of the thing, and you would need to be Plastic Man to do that. The cab does give you a small half-seat to sit on and I had to use it to be comfy and I am only 5'11". I guess Tron as a franchise was never really about comfort, though, which is why the cameltoe guy who dressed up as Tron for Halloween a few years back seemed so genuine.

- I KNEW there was a reason I had no idea about the push-pull shit as a kid. You can't move the target up or down until you are several levels into it. So not only is there exactly one game that requires a fucking push/pull spinner, but that game demands you be on like level 40 before you use this feature. For all I know at extremely high levels Discs of Tron becomes a "push pull cabinet" sort of game where you will need to have your friends rock the thing back and forth to shake off Sark and achieve the best possible score.

- All of you know more about TV tubes than I do, so kill off a little of my ignorance: they have somehow put a static background in the game and put the images of the game itself in front of it. I do not know how they did it. Do you remember those awful hologram games that were a bad fad? I think it's safe to say that you do if you made it this far. DoT sort of has that effect, kind of.

- Sark talks a lot of shit in this game. Especially for a character that ultimately met his demise by someone throwing a day-glow frisbee at him. For an esoteric game that had the approachability of a plate of old cat food, the game sure makes you feel bad about yourself when you awkwardly escape the cabinet after losing.

the dark and gritty...Ice Cream Jonsey!
Discs of Tron and push/pull spinner newsletter by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/14/2006, 1:49pm PST NEW
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