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Parasite Eve by Grumah 05/06/2007, 7:08am PDT
Someone mentioned this game at some point in the past week, which reminded me of the 90 times I played through it with my ex-game savefile and a zillion metric tons of weapon upgrades thanks to the super tool kit.

I had sold my original game years ago for food money. Now that I am not starving (and now that I can buy games on amazon instead of the fucking gaystop and gamespots which either closed or incinerated all their PS1 games apparently) I suddenly decided that I must replay this game again. It would help pass the obscene amounts of free time formerly spent with the absent wowcraft... which I mysteriously renewed at the same time that I put in my order for PE. :(

Anyway, I just spent like 18 hours awake to get to the end of the game, heart racing, almost salivating in anticipation of the ex mode game so I can carry over my awesome gear and one shot every fucking boss monster. I died after completing the final boss battle because I went for the save phone instead of running to the door while the ultimate being was slithering up to me the whole time. Aya was cradling that phone like it was her missing hand (yano, if she was missing a hand). Fuckin chix. Here are a few small notes before I go to sleep:

Back when I first owned the game, I never ever understood the concept of transferring weapon abilities. I just burned up all the tools putting attributes from the new guns onto my shitty default pistol. I didn't even notice I could put a shotgun effect and acid bullets on an assault rifle until my 3rd ex game. Somehow I had still beaten the game without knowing that, perhaps because the other 5 or so games I owned for the PS1 were worse than Parasite Eve, especially Resident Evil 2 Myst and GTA1 (o yea I went there) so I dedicated my lifestream to playing the whole fucking thing to make up for the wastes of money I had already bought. I still have a save file with all my FF7 characters at lvl 99. No they never killed ruby weapon or emerald weapon (I'm not THAT much of a douchebag loser fool).

2. GUNS. A fucking RPG where you can use guns again.

3. Where are numbers coming from? Well anyway one of the things that makes this game enjoyable on a "total game experience" level is the creepy atmosphere that surrounds the game. However, instead of being like FEAR or Doom3 where they are trying to make you drop your controller with cheap scares that simply give you excrutiating sharp stabbing headaches right at the pre-scripted key moments, Parasite Eve is just more like a constant low key creepy tone. They really go out of their way NOT to freak you out or frighten you. So they do stuff like make the monster encounters begin with a photo negative effect of the area and a heartbeat sound, and then some technoey classical piano music starts and some yucky looking alien parasite animals kinda teleport in. Then you engage them in a fucking actual active combat system where you have to move out of the way of enemy attacks which are not 100% melee "run right at your face and bite/claw you" boringness we have all seen more times than there are grains of sand. You are too busy having fun with the game to be screaming in terror and you won't be yawning while trying to repeat patterns from rote memorization.

The FMV cutscenes (half CGI and half ingame 3d with a rendered background for your map) are pretty much PS3 quality now. Which means they suck, but back in 1998 they were really nice. Nowadays its extremely obvious where they cut corners to produce a quantity of midgrade FMVs, it makes me wish they would remake the game and just replace the old material with something impressive, especially the world model of Aya with her stick legs and flat ass when you KNOW she is smokin hawt. Then new copies wouldn't be fucking $80-$90 on

4. Finally another RPG where the clearly preferred weapon is a gun. It goes to show, the ultimate life form that ever could exist can stand up to about 40 shotgun blasts. They do give you a melee weapon in case you run out of ammo, and the higher ranking batons can steal items. Every enemy in the game usually drops an item anyway.

I am not sure if I could recommend the game to people who have never played it. It's really very dated. But I am enjoying reliving my childhood while I wait for the rare chance someone will invite my hunter to an instance for the chance to look at extremely worthless boss drops, like two fucking identical paladin relics from the same fucking boss when we didn't even have a paladin and that is in a max level end game instance.
Parasite Eve by Grumah 05/06/2007, 7:08am PDT NEW
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