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The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (short) by Daverd 12/06/2004, 8:22pm PST
I managed to find a copy of the rom on IRC in #roms a full month before the game comes out in stores, god bless them. I've played 99% of the way through the game, I think. I'm currently stuck on a huge boss that I think could be the huge final boss of the game but it could just as easily be the huge boss that marks the turning point into the secret World of Ruins or whatever.

There really isn't a whole lot to say about the game except that it's a Zelda game. That means you get your clever block-pushing puzzles, your non-linear exploration trying to find pieces of heart, and your badass boss fights. Assigning a rating to a Zelda game is kind of meaningless because they all have the same feel to them, and you know going in whether you're going to like it or not. Of all the other Zelda games, this one plays closest to Link to the Past. That said, here are some plusses and minuses as compared to other Zelda games.

Minus: They really hold your hand through a lot of parts. On more than one occasion, I was intrigued by an approaching puzzle or seemingly unbeatable enemy only to have the game shout out "HEY! Look at that puzzle/enemy! I bet you'd have to use [item] on it!" Thanks, game. Thanks for ruining the fucking moment.

Plus: One or two of the puzzles were actually really difficult. Many of them were at least not so formulaic that I didn't have to think about them, although there are some of those too. I'm not sure how many times they'll make me ignite all the torches in a room before they realize I've gotten the point.

Minus: The game itself was kind of short. I'm not sure whether the game is actually smaller than LttP or whether I'm just starting to get wise to the Zelda formula, but I remember playing LttP for a week and this one only took me two or three days.

Plus: The musical score is absolutely amazing, even for a Zelda game. There are several of remixes of the main Zelda theme, but they're different enough that they work. Unfortunately, this is the kind of thing you'd miss playing on a real GBA. Not that I condone piracy or anything.

Minus: I find that the plot gets in the way of the game, if that's possible. Sometimes I just like to push around blocks and kill moblins without scrolling through 5 minutes of dialogue.

Anyway, in summation: yet another great Zelda game, but a little more softcore than I'd like in regards to challenge. If you liked LttP or Link's Awakening, you will like this game, however there's nothing incredibly groundbreaking about it. I don't think I'd pay $30 for it. Maybe $20. Or 3 minutes' worth of bandwidth. It was still worth the time I spent playing it.
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (short) by Daverd 12/06/2004, 8:22pm PST NEW
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