World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

The Cable Bruddas 6/26/2010 

About a year before Wrath of the Lich King (also known as what lick) was released, us Cable bros, Jso and Jhoh, were having adventures on the patch test realm, which is released when a new patch is planned. It features options to write reports on every aspect of the game - spells, quests, monsters, locations, parts of the map, such and such. So, for an attempt at "fun" we did an old instance with just the two of us, going around, killing enemies, and then reporting them for being not fun to fight. For being too hard for too little reward. It started with that, and soon I started looking at the attacks and spells I was using to kill these unfun enemies in this unfun instance, and started reporting them as being too weak, costing too much mana. We both started going through our spellbooks reporting everything we could, reporting all of my awful worthless totems, laffing it up about how Blizzard was either going to completely ignore or actually sort through our flood of complaints about a giant portion of the game. We reported our gear, saying it wasn't good enough for the work required for it, and there needs to be a better way to actually earn gear, which had not even existed by that point in the game. We even reported our mounts saying that you should be able to start using mounts at earlier levels, like say at least at level 30.

A taste of what the game was like in the old days.

With the ensuing content patch releases, more of the ideas that we had suggested (complained about) were added, usually a dozen at a time but not all at once. A whole bunch were included with wotlk and the additional content patches, finally providing an instance/dungeon search engine that would intelligently match you with the correct makeup of an instance party, and dual talent specialization (but granted, it cost 1000 gold instead of being free as it should be, probably being held back for a later content patch in the next expansion). Giant problems with several classes, which we sent reports on, were fixed completely in patch after patch and up to the expansion, improving the game across the board. They finally added an interface for shaman totems (only took about 6 years), which many players had complained about before us anyway. They even let players use mounts at earlier levels, at level 30, which was later changed to level 20.

The characters that we suffered through with crippling game flaws in the distant past are now balanced and powerful (except paladinks, they're still faygs). Instances are easier to group for and complete, and the rewards are a hundred times better, letting you get tier pieces by earning badges through the dungeon randomizer, making the game more fun and less of a torture rack of wasted time and effort. The game now properly rewards the player for spent time, especially at the end game where it's needed the most to keep the player playing. All thanks to Jso and I reporting everything we could in a few days of playing the patch test realm.

ORANGE. Even with the improvements, most of the game is still just this repeated a thousand times.

Just a little note to Blizzard, if you want us to make your game even better, let us know. Now that the game is balanced, we have plenty more ideas to make it fun and innovative and keep WOW ahead of the MMO pack. We're willing to be hired to improve your game for cheap, but we will no longer do it for free.

The Cable Bruddas