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Is anyone buying mutual funds? by Nostromo 10/13/2018, 10:07am PDT NEW
    Re: Is anyone buying mutual funds? by E. L. Koba 10/13/2018, 12:53pm PDT NEW
    Start an IRA, possibly with Vanguard by Rafiki 10/13/2018, 4:35pm PDT NEW
        Seconded NT by Mysterio 10/14/2018, 8:35am PDT NEW
        Yes, just put it in Vanguard. Savings accounts are for chumps. by blackwater 10/14/2018, 3:18pm PDT NEW

We need a thread for being amazed at particular Kickstarters. NT by Worm 02/25/2012, 6:58am PST NEW
    Order of the Stick - $1,254,120 by Worm 02/25/2012, 7:00am PST NEW
        Seriously what the f by 90s lens flare 05/30/2012, 2:17am PDT NEW
    The Show with Ze Frank by Entropy Stew 02/27/2012, 11:33pm PST NEW
        That little shit, didn't he do a donation drive a few months before he ended it? NT by Worm 02/28/2012, 12:15am PST NEW
            No. by laudablepuss 02/29/2012, 2:23pm PST NEW
                No I remember explicitly being indignant about this on the forums! by Worm 02/29/2012, 3:05pm PST NEW
                    Re: No I remember explicitly being indignant about this on the forums! by laudablepuss 02/29/2012, 5:09pm PST NEW
                        Re: No I remember explicitly being indignant about this on the forums! by Souffle of Pain 02/29/2012, 5:55pm PST NEW
                            Re: No I remember explicitly being indignant about this on the forums! by laudablepuss 02/29/2012, 6:55pm PST NEW
                                Apparently there is a zefrank wikipedia by Worm 02/29/2012, 8:51pm PST NEW
                                    Oh wait that was just the LAST DAY of it NT by Worm 02/29/2012, 8:59pm PST NEW
        Re: The Show with Ze Frank by CattleHumper 02/28/2012, 7:23pm PST NEW
            So how is everyone liking it? by Worm 06/13/2012, 10:49pm PDT NEW
    Why $10,000? by 90s lens flare 05/30/2012, 1:07am PDT NEW
        Here's what I buy you by $10,000 06/19/2012, 6:29pm PDT NEW
        fuuuuuuuuuuuck by goddamit 06/23/2012, 5:32pm PDT NEW
            Well since Bruce and Tom's salary is covered the rest goes to the extra people!? by Worm 06/23/2012, 9:23pm PDT NEW
                PC Gamer has been staffed exclusively by douchebags for the last 10 years NT by goddamit 06/23/2012, 9:30pm PDT NEW
                Well since Bruce and Tom's salary is covered the rest goes to the extra people!? by Souffle of Pain 06/24/2012, 11:48am PDT NEW
                    Maybe someone can pay Erik to write for this place. by Shredder 06/25/2012, 11:24am PDT NEW
                This is just getting stupid by this is getting stupid 06/26/2012, 12:40pm PDT NEW
            I sure hope no one funded the Tom vs Bruce Kickstarter in hopes of getting by more Erik writing 04/10/2018, 11:46pm PDT NEW
                That will show the guy with cancer trying to make a living for himself NT by Ulrachi 04/11/2018, 7:56am PDT NEW
                    Maybe Tom should cook crystal meth instead of scamming Amazon? by Since he has a cancer excuse now 04/11/2018, 10:03am PDT NEW
        Here's what I look like by $500 09/20/2012, 9:31am PDT NEW
            I tried Dune Wars by fabio 09/20/2012, 7:00pm PDT NEW
    All the fashion kickstarters are terrible NT by skip 05/30/2012, 10:21am PDT NEW
    Browsing kickstarter is addicting by skip 06/02/2012, 7:43pm PDT NEW
        Dresden Codak's "Sportball Manager" is going to be the next Madden. Believe it. NT by Mischief Maker 06/02/2012, 8:15pm PDT NEW
            A nerd and his money are soon parted. 150k$ for a bunch of art books by WITTGENSTEIN 08/15/2012, 9:01pm PDT NEW
    Neal Stephenson by Favorite Movie: The Crow 06/10/2012, 11:23pm PDT NEW
        kickstarter as market test by jeep 06/11/2012, 1:02pm PDT NEW
        How much of an ass do you have to be for Wired to take shots? by skip 09/21/2013, 10:27am PDT NEW
            Half a million to make something that looks worse than Die by the Sword. NT by Worm 09/21/2013, 1:34pm PDT NEW
        Officially cancelled by E. L. Koba 09/20/2014, 11:15am PDT NEW
            Making the game fun to play was beyond their control? by Rafiki 09/20/2014, 12:41pm PDT NEW
                No word as of yesterday as to whether it will be open source. Terrible. NT by Mysterious Stranger 09/20/2014, 1:46pm PDT NEW
        Re: Neal Stephenson by Ulrachi 02/18/2018, 1:13pm PST NEW
    Tropes vs Women in Video Games by Mysterio 06/13/2012, 12:30pm PDT NEW
        Wrong on every point. NT by You're FIRED from Caltrops.com 06/13/2012, 1:29pm PDT NEW
            Re: Wrong on every point. by Mysterio 06/13/2012, 1:50pm PDT NEW
                "This stupid cunt is a con artist cunt whore, there is no sexism in video games" by rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE! 06/14/2012, 7:25am PDT NEW
                    "This stupid cunt is a con artist cunt whore, there is no sexism in video games" by Mysterio 06/14/2012, 9:45am PDT NEW
                        C++ coders aren't deciding what the games are going to be about. NT by Fullofkitttens 06/14/2012, 9:57am PDT NEW
                            A lot of designers get that job because they could do something technical though NT by Mysterio 06/14/2012, 11:33am PDT NEW
                        There's a lot of sexism in rap music, too, because not enough women know how to NT by build microphones. 06/14/2012, 12:41pm PDT NEW
                            Wow who hit caltrops with the stupid stick NT by Mysterio 06/14/2012, 2:43pm PDT NEW
                                Metaphors are usually stretched beyond their breaking point when arguing by Entropy Stew 06/14/2012, 3:22pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: Metaphors are usually stretched beyond their breaking point when arguing by matt mysterio 06/14/2012, 9:24pm PDT NEW
                            a lot of sexism in rap because women can't deal drugs or credibly lie about deal NT by Mysterio 06/15/2012, 2:29pm PDT NEW
                                This is a great part in the thread, where rap is only about dealing drugs NT by or lying about it. 06/15/2012, 11:26pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: This is a great part in the thread, where rap is only about dealing drugs by the deuce 01/03/2014, 1:40pm PST NEW
        The coders can't draw an elf tit to save their lives. TO SAVE THEIR LIVES! by Entropy Stew 06/13/2012, 1:33pm PDT NEW
            Re: The coders can't draw an elf tit to save their lives. TO SAVE THEIR LIVES! by Mysterio 06/13/2012, 1:52pm PDT NEW
                Re: The coders can't draw an elf tit to save their lives. TO SAVE THEIR LIVES! by Entropy Stew 06/13/2012, 2:15pm PDT NEW
                Re: The coders can't draw an elf tit to save their lives. TO SAVE THEIR LIVES! by matt mysterio 12/05/2012, 8:44pm PST NEW
        This entire thing is a farce. by Worm 06/13/2012, 6:36pm PDT NEW
            Re: This entire thing is a farce. by Mysterio 06/13/2012, 7:18pm PDT NEW
            Kicktraq shows her contributions going up after the harassment article by Worm 06/13/2012, 9:42pm PDT NEW
                Well, Metafilter is ready to discuss this rationally by The Warezwolf 06/13/2012, 10:04pm PDT NEW
                Ha ha ha she puts "[MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING]" in front of all her blog posts NT by TRIGGER WARNING 06/13/2012, 11:07pm PDT NEW
            SHe's pretty hot though, I'd fuck the shit out of her if she wasn't lesbian NT by Mmmmbop, By Hanson 06/14/2012, 12:02pm PDT NEW
                Delete this post. It's not what this thread is about. NT by Mysterio 06/14/2012, 12:12pm PDT NEW
        I'm way more interested in these videos than another fucking Leisure Suit Larry. by Jerry Whorebach 06/15/2012, 8:17pm PDT NEW
        She's an actual real life gypsy, I mean I thought she looked ethnic but ... by Worm 07/23/2012, 7:37pm PDT NEW
            Jesus Fucking Christ NT by Jesus "Fuckin'" Christ 07/23/2012, 8:45pm PDT NEW
            Hey! It's my gypsy! NT by Quentinbec 07/23/2012, 9:46pm PDT NEW
            Re: She's an actual real life gypsy, I mean I thought she looked ethnic but ... by Souffle of Pain 07/24/2012, 7:22am PDT NEW
            aaaahahahahaha her supporters got exactly what they deserved NT by Jessica Alba 07/24/2012, 10:33am PDT NEW
                She took their game research money and bought games to research. by Last 07/24/2012, 12:03pm PDT NEW
                    Re: She took their game research money and bought games to research. by Ryan Paul 07/24/2012, 12:29pm PDT NEW
                    I wonder if she'll hire someone to play them for her. No way she beats Catherine by Worm 07/24/2012, 12:50pm PDT NEW
                        also she can achieve all she wants through watching a playthrough on youtube by Worm 07/24/2012, 1:01pm PDT NEW
                            Are you still more interested in this than another LSL, Jerry? NT by Ryan Paul 07/24/2012, 1:28pm PDT NEW
                                Like the AVGN needs every NES game ever made just to bitch about Total Recall. by Jerry Whorebach 07/24/2012, 3:00pm PDT NEW
                                    Re: Like the AVGN needs every NES game ever made just to bitch about Total Recal by Ryan Paul 07/24/2012, 8:01pm PDT NEW
                            That would rob her book of the real selling point. by Mischief Maker 07/24/2012, 3:13pm PDT NEW
                                If TV commercials are anything to go by, most people pick a lawyer by how many NT by books they're standing in front of. 07/24/2012, 9:06pm PDT NEW
                    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, pedantic, dumb, or all three by Jessica Alba 07/24/2012, 2:17pm PDT NEW
                        Yeah we've established you can't read. by Last 07/24/2012, 2:19pm PDT NEW
            Re: She's an actual real life gypsy, I mean I thought she looked ethnic but ... by Rafiki 07/24/2012, 1:40pm PDT NEW
        Re: Tropes vs Women in Video Games by Souffle of Pain 11/22/2013, 1:29pm PST NEW
            Then Aaron says "right anita?" turns and sees her walking away with a sportballe NT by JOOOOOOOCKS!!! 11/22/2013, 1:48pm PST NEW
            birds of a kickstarter scam feather... NT by fabio 11/22/2013, 6:47pm PST NEW
        Further proof Anita is a terrible person. by Mysterio 03/06/2014, 10:10pm PST NEW
            This Johnathan Blows valiantly comes out to defend her on this charge by WITTGENSTEIN 03/06/2014, 10:24pm PST NEW
                Yes, Jonathan Blow is an enormous fucking piece of shit. by Kenji Carter 03/07/2014, 7:50am PST NEW
                    Re: Yes, Jonathan Blow is an enormous fucking piece of shit. by jeep 03/08/2014, 8:29pm PST NEW
    $500,00 for a MULE remake???? by This is getting stupid 06/26/2012, 9:11am PDT NEW
        Re: $500,00 for a MULE remake???? by This is getting stupid 06/26/2012, 9:12am PDT NEW
        won't make it by jeep 06/26/2012, 10:01am PDT NEW
    30K for an injoke by skip 07/05/2012, 5:59am PDT NEW
        They're basically holding the game hostage until they reach enough preorders. by Worm 07/05/2012, 9:31am PDT NEW
            Obsidian probably will by jeep 07/05/2012, 10:55am PDT NEW
                And they did. by skip 09/15/2012, 6:52pm PDT NEW
                    I'm so excited to see if it flops with no one to blame. NT by Worm 09/15/2012, 7:29pm PDT NEW
        It's official: the creators of injoke-fighter Divekick are better human beings by than piglike and bald. 07/31/2012, 4:17pm PDT NEW
    When is Caltrops cashing in on these nerds with too much cash? NT by fabio 07/05/2012, 8:39am PDT NEW
    Penny Arcade jumps into the fray by Worm 07/10/2012, 10:06am PDT NEW
        Oh wait, I'm a moron for giving them credit. by Worm 07/10/2012, 10:09am PDT NEW
        Re: Penny Arcade jumps into the fray by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/10/2012, 10:16am PDT NEW
            I guess hot off their version of Steam crashing and burning they don't want to NT by make giveapennygiveanotherpenny.com 07/10/2012, 4:07pm PDT NEW
            Re: Penny Arcade jumps into the fray by E. L. Koba 07/10/2012, 7:51pm PDT NEW
            Re: Penny Arcade jumps into the fray by skip 07/11/2012, 7:53am PDT NEW
        How many cancer curing video games could that $1.4 million buy for hospitals? NT by fabio 07/10/2012, 12:36pm PDT NEW
        Re: Penny Arcade jumps into the fray by skip 07/10/2012, 2:16pm PDT NEW
            Their video did make me laugh. Credit where credit is due. NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/10/2012, 8:38pm PDT NEW
                Fag. by Souffle of Pain 07/10/2012, 10:45pm PDT NEW
                I just watched it, Tycho henpecks!? What the hell. NT by Worm 07/13/2012, 8:38am PDT NEW
        log by fabio 07/11/2012, 7:30am PDT NEW
            frontpage. NT by Mischief Maker 07/11/2012, 8:05pm PDT NEW
                Mark requests we don't by fabio 07/12/2012, 4:47pm PDT NEW
        Even Somethingawful is making fun of them for it by fabio 07/12/2012, 2:21am PDT NEW
        How's this? by conspiracy theorist 08/05/2012, 1:15pm PDT NEW
        They made 528K. They probably could've made it if their rewards hadn't been shit NT by skip 08/16/2012, 8:36am PDT NEW
            Why would they be able to produce additional comics if they made their goals? by E. L. Koba 08/16/2012, 9:52pm PDT NEW
                Re: Why would they be able to produce additional comics if they made their go by motherfuckerfoodeater 08/17/2012, 9:12am PDT NEW
                    That's exactly what they're doing right now by not ditcott 08/17/2012, 10:36am PDT NEW
        $5 gets you a chance at dinner with the president NT by airfare included 09/06/2012, 9:17am PDT NEW
        Gabe pays out on the duck by fabio 04/04/2013, 7:08pm PDT NEW
            $150 a pop. NT by Last 04/05/2013, 7:49am PDT NEW
                That video cost $112,800 NT by Last 04/05/2013, 7:51am PDT NEW
                    And the ducks didn't even rape him! NT by Mischief Maker 04/05/2013, 8:15am PDT NEW
            Stretching the definitions of "chasing" and "shouting" in the title NT by skip 04/05/2013, 5:26pm PDT NEW
            People are really happy with their rewards. by Souffle of Pain 11/30/2013, 10:15pm PST NEW
    Console no one needs that does nothing at all makes 2 million in one day. by Worm 07/10/2012, 10:25pm PDT NEW
        It's cheaper than a Wii and as functional. NT by skip 07/11/2012, 8:09am PDT NEW
            Psh, it's going to be at best a console that plays Newgrounds.com games. by Worm 07/11/2012, 9:17am PDT NEW
                But hey, it costs more. NT by mark 07/11/2012, 10:23am PDT NEW
                Probably. But the investment point is so low and even if fails, you're left with by an Android based media center 07/12/2012, 8:07am PDT NEW
                    If you disregard the game console aspect it's not so bad, but I hate everything. by Worm 07/12/2012, 10:52am PDT NEW
        Just saw this on the front page of Amazon for pre-order by Rafiki 02/08/2013, 4:57pm PST NEW
            "A Tofu Tail"?!?!?! NT by FUKKEN PREORDERED 02/08/2013, 5:37pm PST NEW
        Early reports are that this thing sucks by Rafiki 04/10/2013, 10:07am PDT NEW
            I had a bad feeling about the controller... by Jerry Whorebach 04/10/2013, 12:17pm PDT NEW
            PS: I was enjoying your Wii U coverage. Any chance of an update? NT by Jerry Whorebach 04/10/2013, 12:21pm PDT NEW
    I hope the Bad Dudes 2 guys make it. by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/14/2012, 9:54pm PDT NEW
        $80,000 to change the copyright notice on Two Crude Dudes?! NT by Jerry Whorebach 07/15/2012, 1:48pm PDT NEW
            It's only a $4,000, but a rough gameplay video is COMING SOON(TM)! NT by Worm 07/21/2012, 11:04am PDT NEW
            Haha by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/22/2012, 10:49am PDT NEW
                Re: Haha by E. L. Koba 07/22/2012, 11:53am PDT NEW
                    And people keep giving the game money by skip 07/22/2012, 2:51pm PDT NEW
                        Re: And people keep giving the game money by jeep 07/22/2012, 5:07pm PDT NEW
                        Re: And people keep giving the game money by Ice Cream Jonsey 07/22/2012, 9:08pm PDT NEW
                        Re: And people keep giving the game money by E. L. Koba 07/24/2012, 9:59pm PDT NEW
                    Now they're getting ridiculed by their own fans by skip 08/03/2012, 7:28pm PDT NEW
                Star Command by ASS KICKING BOWL SMOKER 04/04/2013, 8:08pm PDT NEW
    Oculus Rift by motherfuckerfoodeater 08/01/2012, 9:53am PDT NEW
        I can't find a donation level that gets me early access to the fleshlight periph NT by Chillum 08/01/2012, 11:45am PDT NEW
        Yeti Gabe Newell at 2:21 in the video NT by E. L. Koba 08/01/2012, 7:37pm PDT NEW
        Finally, Dactyl terror in the comfort of my own home! NT by Mischief Maker 08/06/2012, 11:21pm PDT NEW
            Excuse me, Dactyl NIGHTMARE. by Mischief Maker 08/06/2012, 11:28pm PDT NEW
    Chris Crawford wants 150k to remake Balance of the Planet by Siskel and Ebert 08/01/2012, 9:34pm PDT NEW
        Uh oh, does this mean Storytron is on hiatus? NT by Go to his website for the answer :( 08/02/2012, 12:26am PDT NEW
    120K for a USB cable by E. L. Koba 08/06/2012, 11:03pm PDT NEW
    Useful resource for this thread by mother#erfood!er 08/10/2012, 9:11am PDT NEW
        I want to Kickstart his hair. NT by I mean just kick 08/11/2012, 11:25am PDT NEW
    Tape an iPhone to an Instamatic by The Happiness Engine 09/11/2012, 10:44am PDT NEW
        No it's totally more than that! Look at the sketch! by Worm 09/11/2012, 4:22pm PDT NEW
            Copy of a copy quality photographs! WOW!!! NT by Mischief Manufacturer 09/11/2012, 5:58pm PDT NEW
                The next kickstarter is for ripping mp3s to vinyl NT by Entropy Stew 09/11/2012, 10:30pm PDT NEW
        $559,232 pledged of $250,000 goal by FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK 12/05/2012, 8:43am PST NEW
    Boys will be Boys by Worm 09/11/2012, 4:23pm PDT NEW
    Lady married to famous man raises 1.2 million, asks for slave labor. by The Happiness Engine 09/14/2012, 2:27pm PDT NEW
        Re: Lady married to famous man raises 1.2 million, asks for slave labor. by Arbit 09/14/2012, 5:08pm PDT NEW
            $120 to blow on a horn for two hours? Surely they must mean $5000. O_o NT by You Are The 1% 09/14/2012, 5:24pm PDT NEW
                I guess I was totally off my rocker on this? by Arbit 09/14/2012, 6:15pm PDT NEW
                    You assumed that since the negroes who play at your club wear white tuxedos, by they must be millionaires, too. v_v 09/14/2012, 9:43pm PDT NEW
                        Re: You assumed that since the negroes who play at your club wear white tuxedos, by Mysterio 09/14/2012, 9:46pm PDT NEW
                            Now explain to him what a coconut is, using one of your homemade cooking videos. by Jerry Whorebach 09/14/2012, 11:18pm PDT NEW
                    Re: I guess I was totally off my rocker on this? by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/13/2014, 9:00am PST NEW
                        AFM union scales, Nashville, 2012 by Fullofkittens 11/13/2014, 9:36am PST NEW
                            FoK, that shows the discount but I needed the final price, thanks. NT by Lorini 11/13/2014, 11:17am PST NEW
            Man people got really mad about your polite question... by The Happiness Engine 09/15/2012, 8:41am PDT NEW
                Crazy lady relents in the face of mean-spirited commenters, also: numbers by The Happiness Engine 09/21/2012, 11:30am PDT NEW
        Re: Lady married to famous man raises 1.2 million, asks for slave labor. by skip 09/18/2012, 10:11am PDT NEW
    new obsidian rpg funded $1.1M in about 24 hours by jeep 09/15/2012, 10:50pm PDT NEW
    I don't even know how to make a joke about this by E. L. Koba 09/25/2012, 1:54pm PDT NEW
        In case this didn't already seem a bit off already by motherfuckerfoodeater 09/25/2012, 6:37pm PDT NEW
    Who has kicked in to Ryan North's CYOA Hamlet? NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 11/26/2012, 4:05pm PST NEW
        I didn't but I intend to buy it and I'm extremely prejudiced. by Fullofkittens 11/26/2012, 5:37pm PST NEW
    Ahahahaha by fabio 12/05/2012, 5:32am PST NEW
    American McGee decides to make another exxxxtreeeeme and dark fairy tale game by skip 01/04/2013, 1:32pm PST NEW
        Well hopefully he rakes in enough to cover court costs by Blizzard Legal Dept. 01/04/2013, 4:06pm PST NEW
        Didn't they already make "The Path?" by Mischief Maker 01/04/2013, 4:34pm PST NEW
    Gas Powered Games' Wildman by jeep 01/19/2013, 10:40am PST NEW
        Has there ever been a single good game to come out of Kickstarter? by fabio 02/20/2013, 8:29pm PST NEW
            Strike Suit Zero is pretty good. by Mischief Maker 02/20/2013, 8:47pm PST NEW
            Volgarr the Viking is looking very promising by Mischief Maker 02/20/2013, 9:16pm PST NEW
    Dreamfall sequel already pushing 1 million. I'm unashamed to say I funded it. NT by skip 02/20/2013, 3:31pm PST NEW
        The Longest Journey rivaled Gabriel Knight 3 by fabio 02/20/2013, 8:27pm PST NEW
            I actually thought the puzzles were overall intuitive. by skip 02/21/2013, 4:57pm PST NEW
            I thought the only bad puzzle was getting past that one cop with soda NT by Entropy Stew 02/22/2013, 8:59am PST NEW
    10 people have given Aaron Diaz $1000 TODAY! by motherfuckerfoodeater 02/26/2013, 8:28pm PST NEW
    Two self-absorbed white people ask for $20,000 to not inconvenience vacation by The Happiness Engine 04/29/2013, 4:25pm PDT NEW
        Looks like they won't make it. NT by Souffle of Pain 05/14/2013, 3:15pm PDT NEW
        This is awesome by Arbit 05/15/2013, 10:56am PDT NEW
            READ THIS by Arbit 05/15/2013, 11:24am PDT NEW
                Re: READ THIS by laudablepuss 05/16/2013, 11:13am PDT NEW
                    I read it as an engineless truck being worth more than a year of their lives. by Jerry Whorebach 05/16/2013, 12:41pm PDT NEW
                        That's it exactly. by Arbit 05/16/2013, 4:50pm PDT NEW
            I read that awhile back. It was amazing and fascinating. NT by The Happiness Engine 05/22/2013, 6:01pm PDT NEW
        Tim Schafer accounting by fabio 07/08/2013, 1:07pm PDT NEW
            Re: Tim Schafer accounting by E. L. Koba 07/08/2013, 11:00pm PDT NEW
                No fun at all. NT by Cis Cuntslayer 07/08/2013, 11:13pm PDT NEW
    Dresdan Codak wants $700k to update twice a month by fabio 05/14/2013, 1:30pm PDT NEW
        You won the thread. Everybody go home. :( NT by The Happiness Engine 05/14/2013, 4:05pm PDT NEW
        I'd like to see some focus on grifter theory. NT by Worm 05/14/2013, 4:05pm PDT NEW
        "focus on all visual storytelling" by fabio 05/14/2013, 7:26pm PDT NEW
        And I thought the Penny Arcade podcast Kickstarter was the height of arrogance by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 05/14/2013, 8:24pm PDT NEW
        If you thought he was the worst person before... by fabio 05/15/2013, 10:36pm PDT NEW
            more by fabio 05/15/2013, 10:42pm PDT NEW
                It turns out he never finished college but dropped out. It explains a lot. NT by WITTGENSTEIN 05/16/2013, 9:03pm PDT NEW
            You don't know how hard it is being pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars! by Worm 05/15/2013, 10:58pm PDT NEW
            We sold 100 million iPods instead of just 10. We're RUINED! NT by Apple 05/16/2013, 6:49am PDT NEW
    Cthulhu cashes out his fanbase by fabio 07/25/2013, 9:06pm PDT NEW
        This one was basically an outright scam, but it got solved by jeep 08/23/2013, 3:59pm PDT NEW
    Being rich and untalented doesn't mean you can't run a kickstarter by Mischief Maker 08/08/2013, 9:31am PDT NEW
        The real reason the poor are poor by WITTGENSTEIN 08/08/2013, 2:53pm PDT NEW
    Jack Jeff is going to get like a million dollars to make a record. by motherfuckerfoodeater 08/13/2013, 12:42am PDT NEW
        Caltrops missed the big one: 'Girls' star fails to get $32k for folk album by Vested Id 08/13/2013, 1:25am PDT NEW
            This one is not noteworthy since it's how things should be. NT by Donations to David Mamet's children 08/13/2013, 1:53am PDT NEW
        140,000 dollars NT by i'll be in my garage with my car ru 09/14/2013, 5:53pm PDT NEW
    Harry Knowles wants $100k for a web series by fabio 08/14/2013, 6:13am PDT NEW
    Woman runs off with $17k intended for "Best of Music Writing" book by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 08/22/2013, 1:50pm PDT NEW
    $500k will get us a brand new Boogerman adventure by Siskel and Ebert 10/17/2013, 2:57am PDT NEW
        $375k, sorry by Siskel and Ebert 10/17/2013, 2:59am PDT NEW
    Not really derisive, but there's a Dr. McNinja Kickstarter by Mischief Maker 10/30/2013, 11:41am PDT NEW
        You know what, Engine Heart's kickstarter is interesting compared to all this. by fucking newbie 10/30/2013, 1:01pm PDT NEW
    Updates by skip 02/02/2014, 6:14pm PST NEW
        The jury is definitely still out by WITTGENSTEIN 02/02/2014, 6:20pm PST NEW
            I can't believe anyone seriously thought Star Citizen was going anywhere NT by fabio 02/02/2014, 9:40pm PST NEW
            Anything new smoking guns or is it just continuing to tread water? NT by skip 02/03/2014, 4:43pm PST NEW
                Well, here's some new signs by skip 07/19/2014, 3:53pm PDT NEW
        And one more thing because it wasn't mentioned before by skip 02/02/2014, 6:43pm PST NEW
        Definitely not Banner Saga, I should review it (to everyone's detriment) NT by stupid rookie 02/02/2014, 8:32pm PST NEW
        Tom vs Bruce seemed like the biggest "fuck you" by fabio 02/02/2014, 9:52pm PST NEW
            Yep. by Mysterio 02/03/2014, 12:16pm PST NEW
        unfortunately they continue to need some kind of basic management by jeep 02/03/2014, 9:27am PST NEW
    Lufia: The Heroes Legacy by Siskel and Ebert 02/12/2014, 1:13am PST NEW
        Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator NT by about 4 hours ago. 02/12/2014, 6:18am PST NEW
        Re: Lufia: The Heroes Legacy by E. L. Koba 02/12/2014, 7:14pm PST NEW
        How did this get passed Kickstarter Q&A? Aren't they notorious for being hard NT by asses? --RetroRomper 02/13/2014, 10:05am PST NEW
    Amazed at Darkest Dungeon, but in a good way by Ice Cream Jonsey 02/13/2014, 4:18am PST NEW
    This shit has gone full meta by The Happiness Engine 02/21/2014, 5:10pm PST NEW
    Nothing exposes webcomic artists' insanity like Kickstarter by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 02/27/2014, 4:44pm PST NEW
        Related? by Arbit 02/27/2014, 5:16pm PST NEW
        that sucks by jeep 02/27/2014, 6:11pm PST NEW
            Yeah, poor guy, suicidal AND a con artist NT by WITTGENSTEIN 02/27/2014, 6:58pm PST NEW
                Well at least one problem will solve the other I guess? NT by Worm 02/27/2014, 7:04pm PST NEW
    Shaq-Fu a Legend Reborn by Worm 03/07/2014, 10:18am PST NEW
        IndieGoGo takes the money even if the goals aren't met too. Unbelievable. NT by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 03/07/2014, 5:13pm PST NEW
            LucreGoGo by Free Throw Choke-Fu 03/08/2014, 12:38am PST NEW
                It looks like Shaq owns the trademark by Siskel and Ebert 03/08/2014, 2:45am PST NEW
    Dark Skyes -- an EPIC brony dating sim - goal is only 7500 but still by "brony dating sim" & an EPIC one 03/09/2014, 1:56pm PDT NEW
    Chaos Reborn by Julian Gollop (who designed Xcom) by jeep 03/17/2014, 7:05am PDT NEW
        lets mention xcom a lot and introduce the guy who made xcom to make a real xcom by bombMexico 03/22/2014, 12:22am PDT NEW
        Wizard Tactics with Bluff and Deception? NT by Sold! 03/22/2014, 1:09am PDT NEW
    GoBe by Healbe 04/06/2014, 2:05am PDT NEW
        More on GoBe/Healbe and IndieGoGo's complicity by Horrible Gelatinous Blob 04/16/2014, 11:52am PDT NEW
    city simulator by jeep 05/22/2014, 5:57pm PDT NEW
        After Goat Simulator and Tree Simulator, yeah maybe. NT by Worm 05/22/2014, 6:23pm PDT NEW
        Yeah, lets fund a game from people who can't even spell or use grammer correctly NT by "more realistic then ever" 05/23/2014, 12:08pm PDT NEW
    Yoggventures, Minecraft clone made by famous youtube Minecraft players cancelled by Worm 07/18/2014, 6:17am PDT NEW
        Beg your pardon? by laudablepuss 07/18/2014, 9:03am PDT NEW
            Okay sure, I guess I do have one possibly related fact by laudablepuss 07/18/2014, 9:09am PDT NEW
        They're also a new series that will get paid based on extra sales by skip 07/18/2014, 2:21pm PDT NEW
    Kickstarted project put on hold to make way for new Kickstarter project by Siskel and Ebert 07/20/2014, 12:18am PDT NEW
    the cybermatrix 100 tu01 by E. L. Koba 08/02/2014, 6:22pm PDT NEW
        Holy fucking shit, the video. Makes me want to kill myself NT by Eurotrash 08/02/2014, 10:50pm PDT NEW
            Pleaseletthisbeaparodypleaseletthisbeaparodypleaseletthisbeaparodypleaseletthisb NT by Entropy Stew 08/03/2014, 3:48pm PDT NEW
                The cat showing up 5 minutes in really saved the video NT by Entropy Stew 08/03/2014, 3:54pm PDT NEW
        There's a lot to laugh at here, but the composite video outs made me LOL hard NT by Y/W/R 08/02/2014, 11:45pm PDT NEW
        Re: the cybermatrix 100 tu01 by Eurotrash 08/03/2014, 2:37am PDT NEW
    $300,000 to port Night Trap to PC by fabio 08/11/2014, 7:52pm PDT NEW
        "1986, desktop computers were just coming out" NT by Wha... what? What the hell is he 08/11/2014, 9:14pm PDT NEW
        This was not a joke :( by fabio 08/21/2017, 9:20am PDT NEW
            Honestly the trailer on Steam is amazing. by Fullofkittens 08/21/2017, 1:56pm PDT NEW
    "We have a vague wish for a laser-watch!": ONE POINT THREE MEEEELION PLUS by The Happiness Engine 09/10/2014, 3:33pm PDT NEW
        Oh hey how is this going? by The Happiness Engine 10/21/2016, 5:03pm PDT NEW
    Mascot RPG by It is resistant to account theft 09/16/2014, 10:08am PDT NEW
        Even if all the goals sell out hes still got £9,900 to go. NT by Worm 09/16/2014, 10:28am PDT NEW
            Still will be 9.9k short if it sells out. NT by Worm 09/16/2014, 10:57am PDT NEW
        Just once I want to see something like this succeed by Rafiki 09/16/2014, 10:49am PDT NEW
            Re: Just once I want to see something like this succeed by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/16/2014, 12:12pm PDT NEW
        Hackers will be prosecuted. FUCK HAXXORZ NT by Eurotrash 09/16/2014, 1:18pm PDT NEW
    Chris Chan's kickstarter by re: 09/23/2014, 10:43pm PDT NEW
    Bob of Bob's Game went insane, got $10,000 anyway by Mysterio 10/04/2014, 7:23pm PDT NEW
        Whoa, maybe trim that story up a little, huh? NT by TDR 11/13/2014, 11:54am PST NEW
        That dude is nuts. NT by Gene Ray 11/13/2014, 12:02pm PST NEW
    The ultimate Link costume by Triforce 11/13/2014, 8:15am PST NEW
    Third most funded Kickstarter ever by skip 03/17/2015, 9:59pm PDT NEW
        This is true by fabio 03/18/2015, 2:50am PDT NEW
        Polygon has a review by skip 04/07/2015, 4:37pm PDT NEW
            Real link inside by skip 04/07/2015, 6:34pm PDT NEW
    Another KS death by skip 04/19/2015, 8:17pm PDT NEW
    Another hyper-funded video game comes along by skip 05/03/2015, 8:34am PDT NEW
    Hardback collection of Ctrl+Alt+Del strips fully funded in a day by Siskel and Ebert 05/04/2015, 12:14pm PDT NEW
        It'll make a nice settlement for the next teenage girl he shows his dick to NT by WITTGENSTEIN 05/04/2015, 2:32pm PDT NEW
        Jesus, he's aged like 30 years in the past 10. by skip 05/04/2015, 4:18pm PDT NEW
            He's up for a LOSS with pricing like that by A Real CAD 05/04/2015, 8:05pm PDT NEW
    #DelightWipes by The Happiness Engine 05/27/2015, 4:41pm PDT NEW
        I just spray myself down with RainX beforehand so everything sloughs off NT by Rafiki 05/27/2015, 6:43pm PDT NEW
            How much does it cost to rebrand baby wipes by Next up, the Premium Ero-HAZMAT 05/27/2015, 8:07pm PDT NEW
    Jetpack 2 by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/16/2015, 11:00pm PDT NEW
    So Tom vs Bruce only ended up doing 6 articles? NT by honest question 09/17/2015, 12:38am PDT NEW
        Yep. NT by Everybody Gives Up 09/27/2015, 7:22pm PDT NEW
    Skarp was such an obvious scam KS closed it by skip 10/15/2015, 12:57pm PDT NEW
    KS for video games seems mostly dead by skip 12/01/2015, 6:10pm PST NEW
    "Open World RPG 'Like' Star Wars Game Called Star Lords" by Siskel and Ebert 01/05/2016, 5:47pm PST NEW
        Project cancelled, "Devin" confirms it was a gag. NT by pinback 01/08/2016, 8:26am PST NEW
    I'm going to start asking for refunds for late stuff. by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/07/2016, 8:15am PST NEW
        Re: I'm going to start asking for refunds for late stuff. by CattleHumper 01/07/2016, 10:57am PST NEW
            First update: Jetpack 2 by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/15/2016, 8:31am PST NEW
                There is also a forum for the game there. by Ice Cream Jonsey 01/15/2016, 12:24pm PST NEW
            Second update: Temporus by Ice Cream Jonsey 10/22/2016, 11:11am PDT NEW
    Cicret Bracelet by Mischief Maker 09/25/2016, 7:55am PDT NEW
    Seanbaby's Calculords 2 by Roop 10/03/2016, 1:20pm PDT NEW
        Currently 75% short of goal NT by Vested Id 10/21/2016, 8:22am PDT NEW
        I feel weird backing existing businesses doing things they already do. NT by Fullofkittens 10/22/2016, 6:51am PDT NEW
            Yeah, me too, but: Seanbaby NT by 19 hours left :( 10/25/2016, 9:02pm PDT NEW
    The Decembrists are launching a board game by skip 10/04/2016, 6:20pm PDT NEW
        don't forget zombies by fabio 10/05/2016, 5:56am PDT NEW
        Oh man, this is straight out of Portlandia by skip 10/05/2016, 9:47am PDT NEW
        At 600% funding by Vested Id 10/21/2016, 8:27am PDT NEW
            That is depressing. NT by Mischief Maker 10/21/2016, 8:49am PDT NEW
                Calculords 2 is still active, donate $30k to keep it afloat NT by Vested Id 10/22/2016, 2:03pm PDT NEW
                    We tried NT by Roop 10/23/2016, 12:11am PDT NEW
    Kickstarter for Lookouts boardgame by fabio 10/06/2016, 1:35pm PDT NEW
        800% funded NT by fabio 05/07/2017, 9:27am PDT NEW
            Reviews by skip 05/07/2017, 4:50pm PDT NEW
                It's not supposed to be out for 4 months? by fabio 05/07/2017, 7:19pm PDT NEW
                    That had a print-and-play and rulebook available during the campaign NT by skip 05/07/2017, 11:02pm PDT NEW
                    Maybe roleplaying could be about creativity and friends? by Money Hungry Autoclave 05/07/2017, 11:08pm PDT NEW
    A wrist band to check your thirst by skip 11/02/2016, 11:22am PDT NEW
        $1.2 million of $50k pledged NT by fabio 05/07/2017, 9:23am PDT NEW
    Apocalypse Now - The Video Game by MM 01/28/2017, 7:47pm PST NEW
        No competent game uses the word "elements" in its kickstarter pitch by fabio 01/28/2017, 10:59pm PST NEW
    Jimmie Norton fucks over donors by skip 05/06/2017, 1:30pm PDT NEW
        That money went to tranny prostitutes NT by NO REFUNDS! 05/06/2017, 6:30pm PDT NEW
        Direct link to the cartoon teaser so you don't have to fish for it by Rafiki 05/06/2017, 9:47pm PDT NEW
            That needed a NSFL tag by Not Safe For LAUGHS LOLOL 05/07/2017, 9:17am PDT NEW
        He really is a piece of shit worm by John in the car 05/07/2017, 9:25pm PDT NEW
    Alice McGee launched another "twisted fairy tales" Kickstarter by skip 07/31/2017, 11:13am PDT NEW
        Garbage Tale Kids NT by boom! nailed it 07/31/2017, 12:11pm PDT NEW
    This one doesn't look too terrible I suppose ... by Mysterio 11/13/2017, 1:15pm PST NEW
        Archived in case they try to back out of this particular promise by Mysterio 11/13/2017, 1:18pm PST NEW
    Da Share Zone card game got 4x of their goal, 4 days to go by Fullofkittens 02/16/2018, 5:40pm PST NEW
        *is pretty great, sheesh NT by Fullofkittens 02/16/2018, 5:42pm PST NEW
    Devs fucked up the System Shock remaster by Kirahu Nagasawa 02/18/2018, 1:11pm PST NEW
        Incredible by Ulrachi 02/18/2018, 1:12pm PST NEW
    The Buttress by Rey Mysterio Jr. 03/06/2018, 7:15pm PST NEW
    $56k + vendor fees to not produce Gay Black Comic Con. by The Happiness Engine 04/25/2018, 12:32pm PDT NEW

OK the wizards of Caltrops, Facebook Stock: Buy or Short? NT by Roop 03/29/2018, 7:38pm PDT NEW
    Short it. It was always destined to be Myspace 2.0 NT by Ulrachi 03/29/2018, 10:05pm PDT NEW
        Poor Friendster NT by Roop 03/29/2018, 10:23pm PDT NEW

Snapchat filing for a 25 billion IPO by skip 11/20/2016, 4:07pm PST NEW
    They'll release a Pro version of the glasses that you can NT by turn up to eleven (seconds) 11/21/2016, 5:22am PST NEW
    Verge gives a worthless tech review by skip 11/21/2016, 9:33am PST NEW
        Snaochat's UI/UX is the worst of any product in history. by Mysterious Stranger 09/03/2017, 12:43pm PDT NEW
            User growth down, below IPO NT by Mysterio, "SNAP short" 09/03/2017, 2:59pm PDT NEW
                Dumber investment right now: Twitter or Snapchat? NT by skip 09/18/2017, 4:31am PDT NEW
            Excuse me? NT by Sharepoint 09/18/2017, 6:13am PDT NEW
        The glasses failed by skip 10/23/2017, 6:09pm PDT NEW
            "Revulsion" NT by Mysterio Lollerson 10/23/2017, 7:03pm PDT NEW
            BUT VR IS THE FUTURE! NT by that lawnmowerman cunt 10/23/2017, 8:20pm PDT NEW
            So where do I get these stupid things discount? NT by Worm 10/23/2017, 9:06pm PDT NEW

Thornwatch Review: NEGATIVE ! by Mysterio, Pen and Paper RPG Leader 09/01/2017, 6:18pm PDT NEW
    Snooped! by faggots 09/01/2017, 9:57pm PDT NEW

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