Kotaku’s Editor-in-Chief on the GMA Whoring

Here is a thread on Caltrops that links to some stuff that Stuart Campbell and Rab Florence wrote about how all game journalists are whores. No, really: dignity-free, easily-purchased whores. Well, most of them. There are some good ones.

Long story short, some public relations clowns wanted a bunch of game journos in attendance at the Game Media Awards to tweet a hashtag to win a free Playstation 3. Many obliged. This is such a laughable middle finger to basic ethics, of course you’d have journo after journo stating that they did nothing wrong. Clearly, Stephen Totilo, Editor-in-Chief of Kotaku, would be on the case.

Look man, I read Gawker sites just like everyone else, and while I hate myself for it, sometimes you just want something that updates. I mean, they did a fucking article on Mike Francesa telling a guy that the water in his home will eventually subside. Basic fluid dynamics are now utterly scandalous, in the world of these cretins.

Here’s a couple screenshots from Kotaku where a poster asks Totilo why he completed ignored the story. It’s priceless:


Why should you visit Caltrops? Because games are expensive, if not in money then in time. And there is absolutely no place you can go to get opinions about these shitty games, except for sites like Caltrops. Maybe you hate the color scheme here or threaded conversations – understood. But find a forum with no advertising and support it. There’s no such thing as game journalism. As Roop reports in the forum, they mostly consider themselves hobbyist writers anyway.

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