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Web Comic Artist John Campbell Set Fire To His Kickstarter Stuff

About a year ago John Campbell started a Kickstarter going for a reprint of his stupid zany webcomic. Somewhere along the line he admitted that he had faked being depressed to excuse the fact he hadn’t mailed anyone shit. You can read about it here Starting in January 2014, Campbell’s postings on his tumblr blog […]

Who Will Stand Up For Dungeon Keeper?

(Editor’s Note: There is a new game by Electronic Arts called Dungeon Keeper. It is a “free to play” microtransaction game that is a pile of shit. They are trying to filter reviews at the Google Play Store, through a process of only taking you to the review screen if you first say you will […]

Penny Arcade’s Forum Moderators Are Also Virulent Losers

So I’m on the Penny Arcade forums ONLY for a very specific subforum involved with running community activities that has nothing to do with Penny Arcade proper. So I try to get in today and it says I don’t have permission. All the subforums are gone. Did I get banned? What the heck did I […]

Phil Fish Giving Up is Great and I Hope More Assholes are Run Out of Gaming

I decided to finally write up my thoughts on the whole “Phil Fish Leaves the Internet” fiasco. This was partially because I didn’t want to write it and have him come back right away (which I’m sure he’ll do eventually) and because Polygon wrote an article very similar in theme to the Penny Arcade Report […]

Deadpool: First Impressions

This game would hands down be improved by a DMC-style combo meter instead of the God of War type one. This would also imply that it had some cool dodging rather than using the dodge button to make fun of Arkham Asylum countering. Well that or it’s a simple joke, I guess it depends if […]

HGULAHGULA: Xbox One & Kinect

Thank you, Jerk City, for giving us the gift of HGLAHAGLUA Watching contrarians try to spin this has been fun, because it’s really fucking hard to. There’s the tactic of saying what’s a negative is really a positive and ignoring all the other criticisms. Gizmodo, being a Gawker site, tries that approach. Gamers who consider […]

Xbox One: Your Drug of Choice?

The effects of methamphetamines on the human body are well documented. The drug provides users a euphoric experience by overloading the brain’s dopamine receptors to the point where they burn out and are no longer available to function. Short term users of the drug report an inability to feel “as happy” as they used to; long term […]

“Xbox One” Is a Stupid Fucking Name For Something

The “Xbox One” is the dumbest name for anything. It is the dumbest name for a consumer electronic in human history, at least. I always believed that the name “Wii” would stand alone as the dumbest name. Wii phonetically sounds like penis. “Xbox One” is worse because, and I can’t believe I have to say […]

The Current Problem With League of Legends

Editor’s Note: We are talking about League of Legends in the forum at the moment. I know it has a passionate fan base that loves telling people how it is the “most-played game of all-time.” The problem with that is that the pool of players come from the same stink-pit of idiots you already can’t […]

Gamestop Rewards Sucks

I joined that Gamestop rewards thing last fall. Mainly because my Xbox magazine sub was running out and it was much cheaper to join Gamestop for 15 dollars and get Game Informer. I figured the other stuff was just a bonus on top of the magazine. You get discounts and 2 for 1 offers and […]