Deadpool: First Impressions

This game would hands down be improved by a DMC-style combo meter instead of the God of War type one. This would also imply that it had some cool dodging rather than using the dodge button to make fun of Arkham Asylum countering. Well that or it’s a simple joke, I guess it depends if you thought Arkham Asylum combat was a little dumb with all the countering or not.

The humor isn’t bad. Deadpool might have a case of the not gays, but it’s not really the main focus of the humor. Some idiot on reddit described it as “Too much Duke Nukem, not enough Bugs Bunny.” he is an idiot, however.

The controls are OK on keyboard. I tried it on a controller and felt like the trade-off of losing FPS aiming for less clunky swordplay wasn’t worth it. The constant switch between generic hack and slash and generic shooting is the best thing the game has going for it

Only 3 hours into it and I’m halfway through the third chapter so I’m guessing it ends up being 6 to 8 hours. Probably not quite worth 40 bucks, you can get it on gamefly for 31.99 with the code GFDJUN20, if you really want to take a look. It probably should be 30 bucks flat across everything.

I’m playing the game on the hardest difficulty, I always do this if a game has 3 difficulties until it gets too frustrating and I drop it down. It’s reasonably unforgiving but mostly because it feels like there isn’t a good answer to when enemies start shooting at you as you’re doing sword combat. You just have to shoot those guys first or melee fight somwhere else. Maybe upgrades fix that?

The whole upgrade system is probably a little unneeded it’s there but things feel too expensive mostly. I can’t imagine I’ll be fully upgraded by the end of the game, which is weird. Certain upgrades cost many times what weapons cost, so I guess the designer wanted me to unlock all weapons before upgrading my swords all the way?

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