HGULAHGULA: Xbox One & Kinect

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Watching contrarians try to spin this has been fun, because it’s really fucking hard to. There’s the tactic of saying what’s a negative is really a positive and ignoring all the other criticisms. Gizmodo, being a Gawker site, tries that approach.

Gamers who consider their core hard have always thought of Kinect as just some gimmick Wii-successor that they’d never use because true gamers use analog sticks or fight pads or morse code or something. And maybe the first Kinect was like that. The Kinect 2 on Xbox One? Completely different. It’s truly an extension of the controller without the constraints of a controller.

Because we all felt constrained by out analog sticks and morse code.

With Kinect, controlling the Xbox One is no longer limited by the number of static buttons on the controller. Imagine pointing at which enemy your AI partner should focus on. Or cycling immediately to your pistol or grenade with a quick hand gesture. Or motioning your troop to stop with a halt. Or cornering a turn in a driving game by leaning. Or calling for timeout in Madden like you would call for timeout in real life (okay, maybe that’s a gimmick). And that’s just what I thought of in 30 seconds. If you gave real game developers time? They’d blow away all the useless tricks we made fun of on the 360. We can’t judge Kinect today without wondering it will do for us tomorrow.

The only one he’ll acknowledge as a gimmick is the Madden example, which is a joke because the entire Madden franchise is one huge gimmick.

So don’t think of Kinect on the Xbox One as a Kinect you’d never use. And don’t think of the Xbox One controller as the only way of controlling things. That’s just needlessly limiting your view. They could stay different. They could become interchangeable. But they won’t exist without each other anymore. A Kinect is now a part of every Xbox controller. Is that really worse than slapping a trackpad onto every controller?

Yes, it fucking is. Christ, I bet most of the Gawker sites were pretending to care about the NSA scandal, but the internet has a consensus? We must forget all that and print some clickbait.

Yahtzee goes for the idea that everything sucks forever so who cares?

I worry we’ve all been focusing on Xbone too much lately, so quick reminder: the PS4 share button is bloody stupid and I hope Sony explodes

RPS is also confused as to why people are talking about this stuff, but they’re more too bored to be nihilistic. They’re so bored they can’t wait to tell you how much.

E3 2013 is in full swing, and – against all odds – it’s actually featured a few rather interesting developments. But there’s also been a lot of blah. And some bleh. And a whole, whole lot of yadda yadda yadda. I’m at the show, and I’ll have heaps more for you soon. For now, though, let’s start with the cream of the crop, the nextest of the future-gens.

Of course all the games listed are on PC/consoles, because only games that remain pure to the PC can be interesting. First comment?

roryok says:

this whole post seems like a big whinge.

Hahahaha. RPS has gotten to a point their commenters are telling them to fuck off.

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