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Eurogamer puts Turn 10’s feet to the fire, brings them a mug of warm cocoa

(Editor’s note: quickly find all past and future columns from Jerry Whorebach, Senior Writer at, through this tag.) Eurogamer’s Martin Robinson interviews Turn 10’s creative director/media daddy, Dan Greenawalt In terms of the free-to-play mechanics that are coming into it – because it came as part of a wave of Microsoft games that introduced […]

HGULAHGULA: Xbox One & Kinect

Thank you, Jerk City, for giving us the gift of HGLAHAGLUA Watching contrarians try to spin this has been fun, because it’s really fucking hard to. There’s the tactic of saying what’s a negative is really a positive and ignoring all the other criticisms. Gizmodo, being a Gawker site, tries that approach. Gamers who consider […]

Xbox One: Your Drug of Choice?

The effects of methamphetamines on the human body are well documented. The drug provides users a euphoric experience by overloading the brain’s dopamine receptors to the point where they burn out and are no longer available to function. Short term users of the drug report an inability to feel “as happy” as they used to; long term […]