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Xbox One: Your Drug of Choice?

The effects of methamphetamines on the human body are well documented. The drug provides users a euphoric experience by overloading the brain’s dopamine receptors to the point where they burn out and are no longer available to function. Short term users of the drug report an inability to feel “as happy” as they used to; long term […]


  Everyone knows the story about the boy who wants to be a wizard. At first, he leads a lackluster existence, living with uncaring caretakers and sleeping in barely-habitable quarters. His circumstances vastly improve when he makes his way to a school for blossoming spellcasters, where all the teachers have funny names and the students […]

“Xbox One” Is a Stupid Fucking Name For Something

The “Xbox One” is the dumbest name for anything. It is the dumbest name for a consumer electronic in human history, at least. I always believed that the name “Wii” would stand alone as the dumbest name. Wii phonetically sounds like penis. “Xbox One” is worse because, and I can’t believe I have to say […]

Let’s Not Play: Dragon Age 3

I present to you a new feature here at Caltrops, the World’s Greatest Purple Website. A Let’s Not Play, with your host Worm. Today, Worm shall be not playing DRAGON AGE 3. Comments? Join us on the forum. Worm