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The Current Problem With League of Legends

Editor’s Note: We are talking about League of Legends in the forum at the moment. I know it has a passionate fan base that loves telling people how it is the “most-played game of all-time.” The problem with that is that the pool of players come from the same stink-pit of idiots you already can’t […]

Gamestop Rewards Sucks

I joined that Gamestop rewards thing last fall. Mainly because my Xbox magazine sub was running out and it was much cheaper to join Gamestop for 15 dollars and get Game Informer. I figured the other stuff was just a bonus on top of the magazine. You get discounts and 2 for 1 offers and […]

Review: Victorian Admirals: Anthology

Totem Games is a bit of an oddity. They are: 1. One of about two companies making historical naval combat games. 2. The only company making historical naval combat games about the American Civil War. 3. Russian. I purchased their latest product, "Victorian Admirals: Anthology", and I’m glad I did. I am happy to support […]