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Melted Brain: Star Wars Galaxies

Editor’s note: The year is 2003. Web comic creator Roop Dirnup developed Melted Brain, a MMORPG-based strip that used, for the most part, actual posts by prospective MMORPG fans as comic dialogue. Thought lost in time, Caltrops will be posting a Melted Brain strip every Friday for the rest of the year. Click for the […]

Video Review: River City Ransom by the Cable Bruddas

I never bought River City Ransom for the Nintendo Entertainment System because I thought it took place in Venice, and I was raised xenophobe. Hung over and barfing, I am literally the perfect target audience for the Cable Brothers, who are answering the question “Does River City Ransom pass the test of time?” Comments? Join […]

Video Review: Deus Ex by the Cable Bruddas

Does Deus Ex stand the test of time? It’s an honest question. Some would say “no” because they never cared for it in the first place. Others might say no just because of the dated graphics, but there’s a high definition texture pack for Deus Ex. The Cable Bruddas started a thread last summer where […]