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Angry Birds Chrome (PC)

Admitting to fellow gamers that you play (much less enjoy playing) Angry Birds is similar to letting your old headbanging friends from high school know that you actually enjoyed Metallica’s self-titled “Black” album. The last Metallica album fans are officially allowed to like is 1988’s bassless “…And Justice For All.” Period. Likewise, no retro or […]

L.A. Noire (360)

The investigations and interrogations were the best parts. That’s good since it was the main focus of the game. The car chases were a nice addition to break things up from time to time, but got a little bland by the end because of repetition. The shootouts were a nice diversion at first, until they […]

Oklahoma Video Game Expo 2011

I don’t find myself regularly in a lot of exotic cities, so my list of what they smell like is going to be meager and unimpressive. That’s fine, because we were all going to think less of me when this article is over anyway. Denver smells like dust. Rochester smells like a fish fry. Vegas […]

Dragon Age 2 Part Three (PC)

Pros! -The inventory isn’t nearly as messy as DA:O (this is because 90% of what you pick up is “Junk” and gets put in your “Junk” item list so when you go to a vendor you just hit the “Sell Junk” button and it sells it all. So what’s the point of junk? I don’t […]

Dragon Age 2 Part Two (PC)

What’s the first thing you think of when you remember a great RPG? For Deus Ex you probably think of the story, choices, and combat whereas Diablo 2 probably makes you just think of the story and the combat. Linear RPGs are not bad by default and Dragon Age 2’s real problem has nothing to […]

Dragon Age 2 Part One (PC)

The site Metacritic is OK in that whatever number it spits out for a game gives me a really rough idea of what to expect, though not according to anything the site was designed for. If it’s extremely high, like it is for Ocarina of Time, I realize I’ll despise it, because it’s for babies […]