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Deadpool: First Impressions

This game would hands down be improved by a DMC-style combo meter instead of the God of War type one. This would also imply that it had some cool dodging rather than using the dodge button to make fun of Arkham Asylum countering. Well that or it’s a simple joke, I guess it depends if […]

Let’s Not Play: The Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle is a fantastic way to get a number of “indie” (well… sometimes they are indie) games at a low price. Or you can buy it at a high price – the Humble Bundle lets YOU choose. Surely, nobody could possibly be against this, right? Right? RIGHT? Not so fucking fast. Here’s Worm […]

HGULAHGULA: Xbox One & Kinect

Thank you, Jerk City, for giving us the gift of HGLAHAGLUA Watching contrarians try to spin this has been fun, because it’s really fucking hard to. There’s the tactic of saying what’s a negative is really a positive and ignoring all the other criticisms. Gizmodo, being a Gawker site, tries that approach. Gamers who consider […]

Jerry’s Top 10 Side-Scrollers, Chronological Order

1. Super Mario Bros. (NES, 1985) [EDITOR’S CHOICE: GOLD AWARD] SMB is the best because it’s the purest. All subsequent Mario games would dumb down the physics to one extent or another, giving you more control over Mario after he was already in the air. But that would neuter this game, a laser-focused left-to-right (you […]

Paul Robinson Presents: Orgeenic Can Suck Tdarcos’s Sack

FUCK OFF, ORGEENIC! A hearty, sincere thank-you to TDARCOS for this amazing original content. We all enjoy the cooking videos. Would you like to join the conversation? Join the conversation! Right here in the comments. Commander Tansin A. Darcos

Let’s Not Not Play: Shadow Warrior Reboot

I remember playing Shadow Warrior when it was a new release – the Build engine really was incredible. There’s a few sites that talk about what sort of games made them the waste of space gamer they are today. Man, the Build engine really had an effect on me. Okay, we all laughed at TekWar, […]