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The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo by WITTGENSTEIN 10/18/2014, 4:46am PDT
The latest in a string of no-effort "video games" pushed out by the latest wank hipster crowd who having been laughed out of the indie film racket, and failed at their banging pots and pans strategy of getting indie music play have tried to sucker us all into viewing these half-assed no effort flash files as games and praising them as boundary pushing.

Newsflash: I didn't think every interactive Newgrounds flash submission in 1998 was a fucking video game, so why the fuck would I think yours is?

Decently written creepypasta submission masquerading as a "video game" in an .swf file with no freedom of movement and only alternating dialogue options for an illusion of choice, pimped by gaming/technology websites like The Verge and Wired .

There's alternate endings but they're all variants on the same "terrifying" theme. 3/10
The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo by WITTGENSTEIN 10/18/2014, 4:46am PDT
    The Polygon piece is particularly terrible talking about the "friend we all had" by Worm 10/18/2014, 5:38am PDT
    So I tried playing this [spoilers] by blackwater 01/17/2015, 1:45am PST
    Jovially interrogates you NT by Ryan's dad 01/17/2015, 2:34am PST
    Finishing the sixth ending unlocks the AUTHORS NOTES by Vested Id 01/17/2015, 3:16am PST
        CISGENDERED SCUM! NT by White SJW hambeast to black man 01/17/2015, 3:28am PST
            The twist ending is that the author was Last the entire time NT by WITTGENSTEIN 01/17/2015, 11:05am PST
                hahah DEATH THREATS NT by Eurotrash 01/17/2015, 12:56pm PST
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