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Shoot Many Robots by Rafiki 05/01/2012, 9:56am PDT
Metal Slug is better. I bought this for $10 because I thought it was gonna be 4-player online Metal Slug, and it kind of is but Metal Slug is better. The first mistake was not including Nazis. Shoot Many Nazis. Don't you just kind of instinctively want to play that? Instead you get robots. And not even Nazi robots. Or even robot people, like robot fatties that when you shoot them their stomach rips open and cabling and oil comes spooling out and they frantically try to scoop up their robot insides while robot shrieking until they slump over and do the robot equivalent of dying. Instead there's just a bunch of robot bugbots that explode. That's neat I, guess :(

They do have a pretty cool giant dogbot thing that barfs oil everywhere, but they show that to you in the first level and then later you fight it. And then fight it again 40 more times. There's more levels in this than Metal Slug, but you replay them 10 times with increasing difficulty and they're not as interesting. Just kind of midwestern mining towns and factories.

There's about a billion weapons and equippable items you collect as you play that can actually make a huge difference in play style, and this is really good! The variety of weapons is the best part. The pre-order bonuses broke the game, though, because they're radically better than every other equippable item in that slot so there's no real reason to change them.

There's only one character model, and this turns out to be really terrible. When everyone was wearing the same equipment and looking the same, we all kept losing track of which person on the screen we were in the middle of huge fights, even considering the game puts a big arrow over you. WHAT, WHY DID I DIE I JUMPED OVER TH oh that wasn't me. It's also too easy to lose track of your mouse target.

Anyway, here's the first 2 levels of Metal Slug:

And here's Shoot Many Robots (I didn't listen to the audio, so don't blame me if it sucks):

And for no reason at all here's Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006, which isn't actually a game but deserves like 50 Kickstarters to get one made:

Shoot Many Robots by Rafiki 05/01/2012, 9:56am PDT NEW
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