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Earth Defense Force by Lurker 56498 12/18/2011, 4:02am PST
Completely ridiculous and awesome. I'd call it a Monster Hunter/Starship Troopers mix, but only because I've never played dynasty warriors.

Single player is alright, but joining a multiplayer game and going blind because everyone is shooting multirockets at a single ant is fucking amazing. There's not much else to say. It's a stupid fun game and it feels awesome when you see a 20 story robot come screaming at you.

Worst parts are no typing in multiplayer(?!), so you can only communicate if you have a mic (there's not really anything to say besides DAKKADAKKADAKKADAKKADAKKA though), and the "300 Weapons" the game promises means you'll get Hotshot 1 - 8 and some total shit guns. I try to experiment every mission, but it looks like the most effective combo for the heavy trooper is always the OMG machine gun variants and anti air rockets. Make sure you pick one class you enjoy and stick with it since you NEED a high level to get a single kill on hard/inferno. If you want to switch after beating normal you'll need to go back and grind up to level 4 at least (there's only 8 levels. I'm almost level 6 after about 8 hours with the heavy).

I've already got 10 hours with it and I'll probably rack up 10 more. Pretty good deal for $15.
Earth Defense Force by Lurker 56498 12/18/2011, 4:02am PST NEW
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