The Current Problem With League of Legends

Editor’s Note: We are talking about League of Legends in the forum at the moment. I know it has a passionate fan base that loves telling people how it is the “most-played game of all-time.” The problem with that is that the pool of players come from the same stink-pit of idiots you already can’t stand online elsewhere. FABIO explains the current problems with League of Legends below…

Worm said…

Can you believe a competitive team game has more to it than doing what you want without bothering to think about cohesion or how the game works? I fucking hate LoL but I hate the people who play it so much more, and it’s the same shit in DOTA 2. For every retard you dealt with, now in DOTA 2 you have to deal with some fatalist asshole who watches too many streams, whose primary interest is protecting his fragile delusion that he’s a PRO by blame dodging and feeding his own ego when necessary.

Getting locked into sustain brawler top, AP mid, jungler, bot adc + support every single game gets old and isn’t nearly as enjoyable as the old days where everyone just picked the character they liked and jump into online RTS team Streetfighter.

Fine tuning your game at top levels of competitive play is fine, but the problem you run into with these games is everyone thinks they’re on that level and only one small step from going pro, much like Randians believing only government regulations are holding back their due millions.

So everyone reads up on META and tournament play and tries to ape those things without any of the prerequisite knowledge or skills to understand or take advantage of it. Unless you’re in the top 10% of players, then there are a dozen different more helpful things you could be working on to improve your game. You have people harping on META and roles (like it’s some WoW raid) but are totally clueless when it comes to basic things like map awareness and knowing when to initiate team fights. A true sign of terrible player: hissy fits blaming lack of “mias” for being killed, because it’s somehow less work to type and read chat than it is to glance at the map for half a second.

Then there’s the people who don’t realize the value of split pushing. To them, the ten minute mark means shifting the game to permanent 5 man groups because that’s what the pros do! Nevermind that the pros do this because they can get 100 last hits in ten minutes, have the rehearsed coordination to exploit a push, and know when to press a slight level/farm advantage by initiating team fights. I’ve lost track of the number of thrown games where everyone was an average of 2 levels behind the other team, yet the brilliant team captains insisted on grouping up and seeking out team fights in the jungle (that is what the pros do after all). There’s also the opposite where your team will get a significant level advantage early on but instead of pushing everyone just farts around until the enemy team eventually closes the gap.

There’s people who swear that killing the Baron is the top priority after scoring an ace rather than killing two turrets and an inhibitor.

People who walk one at a time into an ambush massacre instead of writing off the first casualty and retreating.

Tanks who have no clue when to use their area CC.

Players who sit back as their tank fires off the area CC. Yes, the time to engage is after your Amumu has already used up his ult.

These are the low level players who will go on about the meta. Basic stuff you wonder how no one ever learned during their 200+ games to level 30. One group I used to play with the loudest META team captain was always some guy’s girlfriend who would run around the jungle as Soraka getting ambushed and going 0-10-1 every game. Literal screaming how it was everyone else’s fault that happened for not following her around, never that she shouldn’t have done it in the first place if she was alone.

It’s like watching out of shape fatties lecturing you on what brand of shoe you need to be wearing to succeed at sports.

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