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The Genius of @PG_kamiya Encounters… Kotaku

Hideki Kamiya(@PG_kamiya) decided to — for some reason — to reply to every fucking tweet he receives now. This led to a question about Valve where he responded that he didn’t know much about them and had no interest in PC Gaming. ( Since PC gaming is the most important thing ever Kotaku took time […]

Kick Off The New Year With Caltrops

I spent my New Year holiday trying to clean up some problems with my Qix. Qix takes a 6.3 volt line to make the lights behind the marquee work. Most arcade games have a fluorescent tube behind the marquee. Taito games have a bunch of little 47 bulbs there. I don’t know what magic the […]

2012 Year End Link Bait: What We Hated

2012 is just about over, and we hated a lot of stuff. We also liked a lot of stuff, but nobody is going to click on a link to see other people acting all happy. The things I liked least about gaming this year was an aspect of the bundle culture we now live in. […]

That Hospital Level in Hotline Miami

OK, so there’s a Hotline Miami level where you lose your weapons and the controls get all screwy!! LOL! You know, I was a bit down on a game that didn’t have save-anywhere and relied on death from an unseen source, but man. This was the greatest level in the history of gaming. So imaginative. […]

The Kong Off 2 in Denver, CO

If you’re in Colorado next weekend, check out the Kong Off 2, hosted at the 1UP Barcade.

Kotaku’s Editor-in-Chief on the GMA Whoring

Here is a thread on Caltrops that links to some stuff that Stuart Campbell and Rab Florence wrote about how all game journalists are whores. No, really: dignity-free, easily-purchased whores. Well, most of them. There are some good ones. Long story short, some public relations clowns wanted a bunch of game journos in attendance at […]

Golf Journalism Is Also Terrible

We give a lot of shit to games journalism, but golf journalism is terrible as well. Thanks to Pinback for the heads up here: With twin 67s, Tiger Woods is officially in the hunt at The British Open Tiger Woods in the hunt after fast start at British Open “Even with Tiger Woods in the […]