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Which is the forum to complain about mods? by too ashamed 12/22/2013, 11:14pm PST
So I'm on the Penny Arcade forums ONLY for a very specific subforum involved with running community activities that has nothing to do with Penny Arcade proper.

So I try to get in today and it says I don't have permission. All the subforums are gone. Did I get banned? What the heck did I do? Given how universally shitty mods are, I wouldn't have been surprised if I was banned without notice for no reason.

The actual reason? Christmas shutdown. Every subforum has been disabled for a week, with only a "Christmas hangout" forum available.

fucking mod wrote:

It's been a tradition for years now to shut down everything on Christmas and let everyone get together and share some holiday cheer with one another. Traditionally it only happens on Christmas but, since we skipped two years due to moving to Vanilla, we decided to make up for it and bring back the Hangout in a big way.

Huh? What? You have to limit the forums to a single one in order for Holiday cheer to be spread? What the fuck?

Naturally the sycophants start lining up (with meme quotes no less) and the "agree" and "awesome" votes pile up.

mouth overrun with cock wrote:

I, for one, welcome our Christmas forum overlords.

Yay! The Xmas hangout is back! I've missed it.

Someone replies they're not terribly pleased with all the community activity being locked out for a week for the gayest reason ever.

worthless shitfuck mod wrote:

People you interact with have not gone anywhere. Everyone can post in the Hangout.

The threads you were posting in will return in a few days. If you cannot wait that long, then maybe a moment to reflect on a few things is in order.

Nothing has been inconvenienced, just the entire Penny Arcade community, 99.9% of which are useless morons, has been condensed into a single forum with all your old threads gone! Because holiday cheer!

One guy speaks up that the whole thing is pretty dumb. A bright red INFRACTED notice is now on his post.

another shitlord admin wrote:

Oh shit sorry, I forgot that we owe you something

All you have to do IS NOT FUCK UP THE FORUM! Your one fucking job is to not destroy the forum, and you couldn't even do that. This is beyond Barbarito worthless.

Another person simply asks "why?"

tinpot Dwight Schrute wrote:

A. It gives the moderators a couple of days off to spend with their families
B. It gives everyone a chance to interact with each other where they otherwise wouldn't
C. It's enjoyed by the vast majority of people
D. It gives me a chance to populate my list of shitty whiners

A. The mods could take a vacation by just not looking at the goddamn forums for a week. The idea that the whole operation would come crashing down if they weren't around for a few days reeks of desperate self-imposed importance. This is besides the fact that the solution for keeping the forums from collapsing without them was to preemptively collapse the forums themselves.

B. God fucking knows everyone wanted to be lumped in with fan fiction and anime discussions. The only interaction taking place in the Christmas forum is suck ups blowing the mods for this brilliant iron boot.

C. He's actually claiming this right below the INFRACTED post of the one guy who rightfully spoke up on how retarded this is. They also skipped doing this for two years, and not a single person demanded they bring it back.

D. FUCK MODS. Your only goddamn job should be to invisibly fix crashes, bugs, and bot spam, you worthless Ben Schumin greasy folded FUCK.

Which is the forum to complain about mods? by too ashamed 12/22/2013, 11:14pm PST
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