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I was wrong about this btw by Vested Id 05/21/2020, 12:36pm PDT

Here's the Toronto van killer Alek Minassian describing his incel beliefs at length. I discovered this after learning there was an incel stabbing in Toronto this week.

So I have to retract my defunct theories about the incel thing, though in my defense I only ever demanded real proof. The upside is we can prevent it here by being less like Canada.

Please enjoy the video, it's funny.
Joker trailer by Ulrachi 08/31/2019, 10:36am PDT
    *Joker's trailer by Vested Id 08/31/2019, 2:24pm PDT
    JOKER SAYS INCEL RIGHTS by JOKER 09/13/2019, 2:22am PDT
        Above post has a great payoff ;) NT by John Gulp 09/13/2019, 6:30am PDT
            Great author / title synergy by Rafiki 09/13/2019, 9:36am PDT
        Incels aren't real by Vested Id 09/13/2019, 12:53pm PDT
            "The only unnatural sexual behaviour is none at all." by JOKER 09/13/2019, 2:04pm PDT
                "Incels" refers to a specific online community, not any old unhappy virgin. by Mischief Maker 09/13/2019, 3:48pm PDT
                    For better or worse, that's not how words work. by JOKER 09/13/2019, 4:54pm PDT
                        I thought the incel thing was defined by the online community by Not ready to post with my main acc 09/13/2019, 7:57pm PDT
                    It's fake by Vested Id 09/13/2019, 6:01pm PDT
                    11 NT by MM posting Contrapoints Counter 09/13/2019, 6:12pm PDT
                        I watched the video. It was pretty good. by JOKER 09/13/2019, 11:02pm PDT
                    Not gonna lie, she's a looker. NT by Not ready to post with my main acc 09/13/2019, 7:55pm PDT
                        That's pre-FFS. She just released a sequel to the incel video post-FFS. by Mischief Maker 09/14/2019, 6:36am PDT
                            12 NT by MM Posting Contrapoints Counter 09/20/2019, 7:46pm PDT
            I was wrong about this btw by Vested Id 05/21/2020, 12:36pm PDT NEW
    This was the worst superhero movie in years. And I see all of them. by Brody Wilder 04/24/2020, 8:20pm PDT NEW
        What did you not like about V for Vendetta? NT by Jack Bauer 04/25/2020, 8:12am PDT NEW
            I thought it was really, really boring and kind of stupid. by Brody Wilder 04/25/2020, 5:05pm PDT NEW
                Did Denis Villeneuve rip off V for Vendetta when he made Incendies? by Brody Wilder 05/13/2020, 12:54pm PDT NEW
    Call me JOKER, Murray! by The Happiness Engine 04/25/2020, 1:08pm PDT NEW
        Hahaha NT by Auralnauts are great 04/25/2020, 1:11pm PDT NEW
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