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So I dunno as much as you but that's (sorta?) how I fried half my ram slots by Saltlord 11/28/2020, 7:21am PST
Big caveat: hardware is not my strong suit. Just gonna say this in case it helps you diagnose an issue or double-check compatibility or whatever.

And admittedly, my situation was a tad different. I slotted in two RAM sticks that were twice the size of my old ones, enjoyed a faster machine, and decided to go whole hog. Added another one, same speed, all good. Then I threw in a fourth one at half the speed of the other three, ran a game that was graphically taxing with a pile of mods and a lot of allocated RAM to carry the load for the VRAM, and everything ran fine for a month.

Then one fine day my system wouldn't boot. This was all relatively modern hardware so I did the usual self-directed maintenance routine with only an hour of panic when nothing made sense. It finally traced to both the third and fourth ram slot. I can run everything fine on that motherboard with them empty. The ram that was in those slots runs fine in the other two slots and on another machine. I'm uncertain I understand why that happened given the fact that the configuration worked initially.

I imagine this is not a problem, but there are a lot of posts here about preventing other people from going through bullshit by telling them about your own sunk costs so there you go.
Due to a mishap, I now have 48 GB of RAM. I'm starting to see you all differentl NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/25/2020, 2:21pm PST
    LIMITLESS NT by laudablepuss 11/25/2020, 2:29pm PST
    I'll bite. How did a mishap get you 48 gigs of RAM? NT by Saltlord 11/26/2020, 4:46pm PST
        You're not supposed to pick apart comicbook origin stories by laudablepuss 11/27/2020, 11:33am PST
        It was November. 2019. Black Friday. by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/27/2020, 3:57pm PST
            So I dunno as much as you but that's (sorta?) how I fried half my ram slots by Saltlord 11/28/2020, 7:21am PST
                Sunk costs should never be considered when making econimic decisions NT by Economics 101 11/29/2020, 7:10pm PST
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