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It's pretty good so far! by Mischief Maker 12/03/2020, 7:23pm PST
I start the game, and the graphics are absolutely gorgeous without the brown-o-vision style of City. I start out with all my aerial moves intact, including the grapnel boost without having to jump through any boring tutorial rings. I have a conversation with Gordon and leave mid-sentence like a dick. Then I spot a car driving wildly and doing a drive-by shooting, so I land on the roof then start punching through the driver's side window until the car stops. The goons jump out and as I give them all concussions I notice the basic mooks have some new tackle moves, while I now have the option of picking up weapons off the ground. And they improved the ground finisher move to look way more badass during the dramatic slow-mo final blow.

Looking better than City so far!
Batman: Arkham Asylum by Mischief Maker 11/29/2020, 3:10pm PST
    That game rules and Batman's stupidity dates back decades NT by @arkhamfan195 11/29/2020, 4:42pm PST
    He doesn't kill NT by Judge Barry 11/29/2020, 8:47pm PST
        Re: He doesn't kill by Mischief Maker 11/29/2020, 9:19pm PST
            College Humor? What's next, Funny or Die? NT by you're fired 11/30/2020, 6:30am PST
    Batman's moral absolutism is dumb, Judge Dredd has fascist undertones NT by Mischief comic book HOT TAKES! 11/30/2020, 10:08am PST
        I was just asking about the game itself. by Mischief Maker 11/30/2020, 6:41pm PST
        Kosher cartoons only itt by A. Wyatt Mann 11/30/2020, 6:45pm PST
    Arkham City seems hellbent on throwing this back in my face. by Mischief Maker 12/02/2020, 7:03pm PST
        Also, why did they go to all the trouble to create a playable catwoman then NT by barely use her at all? 12/02/2020, 7:12pm PST
        another innocent soul hoping Arkham Knight will be better than City NT by oh dear 12/03/2020, 8:19am PST
            It's pretty good so far! by Mischief Maker 12/03/2020, 7:23pm PST
                Is Arkham City a game where you can freely "be" Batman in a city? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/04/2020, 8:57am PST
                    Yes it is, but you need to play the full trilogy. by Mischief Maker 12/16/2020, 8:46pm PST NEW
  's losing its charm by Mischief Maker 12/06/2020, 5:55pm PST
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