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Coworker character archetype by laudablepuss 09/13/2021, 7:57am PDT
* Very smart and generally very professional
* Works his butt off, admirable work ethic
* Friendly and usually the loudest guy in the room
* Always wearing a sport coat, usually corduroy, and perpetually has bluetooth headphones around his neck
* Crazy hair
* Vape pen that he calls his "douche flute" -- so some small amount of self-awareness
* The biggest ego I've ever encountered, but generally not too bad during work hours where he's trying (and generally succeeding) to be a team player
* Absolutely condescending without realizing it
* Believes in quantum consciousness and a sort of gnosticism (naturally, he's far too smart for pedestrian spirituality)
* Hugely into conspiracy theories
* Thinks he knows how "the rich" think, which may be true, but can't stop talking about this and how his background makes him an expert etc

Over time, I saw that he was also morphing into a something of a fascist, which seemed to be an outgrowth of his innate paranoia. The shit he'd tell me . . . ridiculous. He got very into guns as well. He always was going camping and taking drugs, and even though I told him he's only exploring the contours of his own skull (which can be a worthwhile endeavor), he believed he was exploring the mysteries of the cosmos.

I had to stop talking to the guy because he'd start shouting at me when I said something like, I disagree that *Dr Fauci or Bill Gates conspiracy theory here*
Coworker character archetype by laudablepuss 09/13/2021, 7:57am PDT NEW
    This was all the same guy? NT by Judge Barry 09/13/2021, 8:59am PDT NEW
        Yessir by laudablepuss 09/13/2021, 9:54am PDT NEW
    Re: Coworker character archetype by E. L. Koba 09/16/2021, 5:06pm PDT NEW
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