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Gosh, a cunty Caltropsian. by What's this world coming to? 05/17/2022, 5:29pm PDT
Next time put on your big boy pants before firing up the ol' WebTV, Gramps.
Steam's Discovery Algorithm Killed My Sales by blackwater 12/03/2018, 9:17am PST
    all his games look like fucking shovelware NT by Rey Mysterio Jr. 12/03/2018, 10:34am PST
    Indies can't negotiate, we need a sort of... Gathering.... of Developers..... by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/03/2018, 2:54pm PST
        It is sad. by Kirahu Nagasawa 12/03/2018, 3:33pm PST
        Incorrect and stupid NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 11/10/2021, 12:56pm PST
    Why does Steam need to update all the time? NT by Jack Bauer 12/04/2018, 9:23pm PST
        Is Steam charging any of you tax? NT by Ice Cream Jonsey 12/05/2018, 7:08pm PST
        WebKit CVEs, anti-cheat, crypto, telemetry by 12/05/2018, 8:29pm PST
            Charged vacuum emboitments? by laudablepuss 12/06/2018, 12:00am PST
        They literally include changelogs right there next to the button that says "yup" NT by blangechog 05/16/2022, 6:15pm PDT
            Someone was wrong! ON THE INTERNET!!!! NT by 4 years late guy 05/16/2022, 9:21pm PDT
                You've got to admit this was a great exchange, though. by one shot, one kill 05/16/2022, 11:05pm PDT
                    It was kind of cunty, though? By that I mean you're were cunty. by Mysterious Stranger 05/17/2022, 8:15am PDT
                        Gosh, a cunty Caltropsian. by What's this world coming to? 05/17/2022, 5:29pm PDT
                            Why be rude? NT by Oh 05/17/2022, 6:19pm PDT
                                Are you new here? by Kaltrops welKoming Komittee 05/18/2022, 4:43pm PDT
                                    Re: Are you new here? by Horus P. Truthteller 05/18/2022, 11:03pm PDT
                            Better get started on the rest of the 2018 posts. NT by cunt 05/17/2022, 8:41pm PDT
                                I post here like twice every four years so it's fucking new to me. by Entropy Stew 06/01/2022, 7:41pm PDT NEW
                                    You were "blangechog"? NT by Nostromo 06/01/2022, 7:47pm PDT NEW
                                        sometimes, I don't use my real fake name NT by Ator Stew SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 06/01/2022, 7:54pm PDT NEW
                            New character unlocked by Cunty the Caltropsian 05/18/2022, 4:12pm PDT
                                Seems nice. NT by Horus P. Truthteller 05/18/2022, 11:03pm PDT
                    damn bro **high five** NT by GOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEM 05/17/2022, 10:55am PDT
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