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They made adding friends harder by Fuck Epic 06/26/2022, 5:38pm PDT
There used to be a prominent "Friends" tab on the main menu. From there it was an obvious "add friend" button.

This was too fucking easy and they had to come up with the worst friend system since the Wii.

The big friend tab is gone. You now must click on the tiny little double meeple icon in the top right.

This brings up a new bugged out window where you have 3 new tabs "double meeple", single meeple with a + sign, and "gear". So obviously you click the plus sign to add a friend.

Aaaaahahaha, no. That would just bring you to a "filter friend request" screen. They thought being overloaded by requests and needing to filter them out was more important.

No, see that tiny little link on the bottom saying, "Connect your social account"? The thing you would never click because fuck giving them your Facebook info? THAT is what you have to click on to get a functional friend request send tool.

They thought filtering incoming requests should be given way more UI priority than sending requests in the first place. Sending online friend requests in the year 2022 is now buried under a series of two inobvious links that don't do what one link says it does, all so they can funnel people to a prompt to link their Steam and Facebook friend lists?

They really are this stupid. How much of this Fortnite money put towards free giveaways could have been put toward a storefront that isn't worse than Steam 15 years ago?
They made adding friends harder by Fuck Epic 06/26/2022, 5:38pm PDT
    They were probably really proud of it too. by I Hate Epic 06/27/2022, 7:12am PDT
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