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SCOTUS really are cunts by cunts 02/29/2024, 9:54am PST
Simply hearing this will halt the federal cases long enough for none of them to have any chance of a verdict before the election.

Total time to decide the 2000 Bush v Gore recount case (something there was no basis to rule against): 3 days

Time to simply begin hearing arguments for Trump total immunity (something that absolutely should have been immediately rejected to even hear): THREE MONTHS

Goddamm CUNTS
If SCOTUS rules Trump has total presidential immunity, Biden should put out a NT by hit on Trump. -MM 02/28/2024, 7:22pm PST NEW
    SCOTUS really are cunts by cunts 02/29/2024, 9:54am PST NEW
        his dictatorship sure will be great NT by laudablepuss 02/29/2024, 9:56am PST NEW
        If only his voters learn he's a crook, Trump would be SUNK by 8 year coma man 02/29/2024, 5:58pm PST NEW
            Polls indicate it would make a difference for some GOP voters by laudablepuss 03/01/2024, 8:26am PST NEW
                The Nikki Haley crowd isn't going to vote for him, they're going to stay home NT by Mysterio 03/01/2024, 10:26am PST NEW
                    Good. NT by You're Simple 03/07/2024, 7:35pm PST NEW
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