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I like these pooooooooosts by happy boy 06/12/2024, 5:37pm PDT
Something I just realized about The Terminator... by Mischief Maker 06/11/2024, 8:39pm PDT NEW
    Cameron was quite a hack. He stole relentlessly! NT by Mr_Creosote 06/11/2024, 9:16pm PDT NEW
        Oh, I wasn't saying that to call him a hack! by Mischief Maker 06/12/2024, 5:20am PDT NEW
    Thats the least of the things he stole NT by Harlan Ellison 06/11/2024, 9:23pm PDT NEW
        lol no, Harlan NT by laudablepuss 06/12/2024, 6:58am PDT NEW
            Lets check the Terminator credits by Harlan Ellison 06/12/2024, 8:45am PDT NEW
                more lols here by laudablepuss 06/12/2024, 9:19am PDT NEW
                    If you read the story that Ellison alleges he stole, it's bizarre by Fullofkittens 06/12/2024, 1:40pm PDT NEW
                        Re: If you read the story that Ellison alleges he stole, it's bizarre by laudablepuss 06/12/2024, 2:48pm PDT NEW
                        Your mistake was reading instead of watching TV. by Brody Wilder 06/12/2024, 4:49pm PDT NEW
                            I like these pooooooooosts NT by happy boy 06/12/2024, 5:37pm PDT NEW
                            Harlan stole all the ideas for The Outher Limits rewrite from me anyway NT by La Jetée 06/12/2024, 7:37pm PDT NEW
                            Soldier was so good, he reused it again just one month later NT by Demon with a Glass Hand 06/12/2024, 9:19pm PDT NEW
    Parallel thinking NT by Amy Schumer 06/11/2024, 10:17pm PDT NEW
    Holy shit is this the Christopher Reeve male kiss movie? lol by laudablepuss 06/12/2024, 3:16pm PDT NEW
        Oh I guess that's a different one from 2 years later. NT by laudablepuss 06/12/2024, 3:29pm PDT NEW
        If you're ever in the Michigan area, I highly recommend a trip to Mackinac Islan by Mischief Maker 06/12/2024, 4:17pm PDT NEW
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