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ePSXe 1.7.0 released, runs Micro Machines V3 by Ray of Light 06/18/2008, 2:40pm PDT
My NTSC CD-R copy wouldn't run (I've bought the original twice, by the way: the first was inside my PS during a burglary and got took; the second I lent out), but TPB has a PAL version that goes fine.

You need:
  • ePSXe, the emulator. Unzip this to c:\psx or something.
  • SCPH7502.BIN, a ROM dump of the PAL Playstation. Put it in the c:\psx\bios folder created by step 1.
  • MMV3, extract the bin/cue files within to c:\psx.
  • This plugin bundle to emulate the GPU. Extract to c:\psx\plugins.
  • A shitload of controllers that have d-pads and four+ buttons each, plus friends to operate them. If you intend to gamble on the outcome, as I do, you will also need money. If you have PS controllers already, a bunch of DDR nerds have reviewed a bunch of USB adapters for you.

Selecting and configuring GPU emulation is the most tedious part and involves a lot of trial and error. On my laptop with cheap Intel Mobile Graphics, only the DX6 D3D plugin worked. In spite of the weak graphics and modest overall system specs, it runs smoothly (50fps) in fullscreen 800x600 with the "Nice" preset.

Sound is good but there is sometimes a click at the end of a race or in other parts where it has to do I/O. The background of the character selection screen is messed up but it doesn't affect anything.

CNET's Joe Fielder gave this game a 5.7 back in the late 90s.
Joe Fielder dispensing a five point seven wrote:

Unfortunately, the multiplayer modes aren't nearly what they're cracked up to be. Since the contestants are limited to a single screen, if someone falls off the raceway, lags behind, or trails out of the track's boundaries for even a few seconds, he'll explode. The game then halts, the cars are reset onto the course, and the race resumes.
Joe makes it sound like you practically have to reboot your Playstation, but in fact this all happens in the time it takes to call the exploded guy a fuckup. Joe forgets to mention that if you explode too much relative to the other players, you are out of the race.

While a split-screen mode would be likewise untenable, this inching along clearly sucks unless all drivers involved are incredibly (or equally) proficient.
The only thing that clearly sucks are Joe and his friends' self-assessments. The game provides four categories of track/car combo:
  • easy courses with slow cars
  • easy courses with fast cars
  • tough courses with slow cars
  • and tough courses with fast cars.
The lowest level is so easy that you will be neck and neck for the whole race, unless someone goes to the bathroom. If you jump right into tough course/fast car without being elite enough, the game will punish you for your lack of respect.

Even then though, the computer often rewards cheating. For instance, when you drive off the course to cut far ahead of everyone else the computer will occasionally award you, when it should, in fact, strike you down for cheating.
It's not random: there are specific points where you can leave the track and not die as long as you stay in the camera's view, and others where the camera tracks shortcut traffic in preference to on-track traffic, which means you can get the cam to leave the track with you, exploding the entire rule-abiding field as you go. This move is called the "streetsweeper" and make no mistake! It's awesome.
ePSXe 1.7.0 released, runs Micro Machines V3 by Ray of Light 06/18/2008, 2:40pm PDT NEW
    here you go by Quentin Beck 06/18/2008, 4:39pm PDT NEW
        Yes, there I go. This doesn't even mention MicroMachines. Fuck you! NT by Ray of Light 06/19/2008, 7:08am PDT NEW
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