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DROD RPG is a massive piece of shit. by Worm 10/04/2008, 2:28pm PDT
I'm just totally aghast here since I've been unceremoniously slurping DROD's dick for so long. Basically it's DROD and you have health, defense, and attack. There are health potions and attack bonuses scattered around the level. You walk toward monsters where combat occurs (turn by turn) until one of you dies. So basically you go around the level until you collect the power ups in the right order and kill the monsters in the right order, the result is probably the worst fucking game I've played in years.

The most amazing part is that I've only played the demo. By the third level the thing becomes a stupid number crunching path optimizing extravaganza, and worst of all the great save system from the other DROD games is gone, replaced by saves you need to make yourself. The puzzle versions of DROD would just auto-save all your progress in a level in a chronological fashion. This meant after beating A, B, and C restoring to when you started B would take you to a point before you beat C. It really wasn't that necessary in DROD, but it would be great for DROD RPG because if you branch into B sub 2 rather than B sub 3 you very well be making a choice that means you won't ever beat the level.

I guess the idea is that the levels themselves represent a puzzle, and you need to view them in totality, this is horrible because it ruins the pacing of the game, when you need to restart you'll constantly be second guessing what turn sent you spiraling into the land of mathematically impossible to win, and because if I get through a room that should be that. Instead if you leave that room with one less hitpoint or attack power than you're supposed you won't finish the level.

It's not even really an RPG as much as it is DROD made by someone who felt the game didn't have enough optimization so they introduced a bunch of stats to manage. So fuck you if you managed to beat the other games with patience, hints, or just with simple brute force messy puzzling solving.
DROD RPG is a massive piece of shit. by Worm 10/04/2008, 2:28pm PDT NEW
    I feel the same about Desktop Dungeons NT by Mischief Maker 10/02/2014, 3:56pm PDT NEW
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