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Mister Mosquito by Souffle of Pain 04/01/2005, 6:16am PST
I know what you're thinking. "Change your nick." I know what else you're thinking: nobody cares about a game released on the island approximately four years ago. Well, I'm telling all of you not to get it in case you're like me and heard good things about it, and saw it in the bargain bin. Well let me tell you, it's GARBAGE AT ANY PRICE.

First of all you can't bypass the opening montage of nonsense until you have a savegame in place. Since the game is so terrible you won't have a savegame the first few times you play it because you'll hate it. You'll hate it even more by watching that despicable family for a second or third time. Secondly, the controls are loose and agitating, the missions make little sense and are less fun, and you'll hate every moment you spend with the family, every moment you spend "being" Mr Mosquito, and anyone who ever told you that it's "Actually, not that bad!!!"

I leave you with this.

Capicu wrote:

anyone else excited about the future release of Mr. Mosquito 2 ? ? .....'dead silence'....'crickets'......
...'hear a pin drop'.....OKAY i guess i'm the only one ! If you dont mind i think i am going to go get a life, BYE

Oh, the sequel! How thrilling! Get off the fucking stage, Capicu. Nobody liked the first one and you're a terrible flavor of retard for demanding a second.

Devilpsychojosh wrote:

Oh yes, I want to be able to fly the mosquito directly into the girl's private areas..., hm. I shouldn't have replied to this. No one's going to read it anyway.


jonsaun wrote:

I played the first one last night. Wow. It was fun but the controls were a bit sluggish or something. But that's okay, it's still fun. I just hope when I play it again tonight I don't have to wait for that opening monologue after I press start!!! ...that took WAAAAAAY too long!

Yeah, you had a blast. Hold up, there is a family of Japanese that can drop by and take a growler in your mouth. The ass wriggling before it drops is a bit sluggish and the cake of shit takes way too long to eat, but that's okay, at least it is Japanese! Ha! Ha! Dummy.
Mister Mosquito by Souffle of Pain 04/01/2005, 6:16am PST NEW
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