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does American McGee still hate you? by bombMexico 04/28/2005, 12:54am PDT
short answer yes, long answer durrrrrr

ign wrote:

American McGee, noted game designer who adds a skewed and inspired touch to each of his projects (see American McGee's Alice), is overseeing another ambitious project: Bad Day L.A.

the retarded emphasis is mine, but i still think the interviewer is a sarcastic little shit that hates his job. I mean, really, putting "American McGee" and "ambitious" in the same sentance? Sabotaging an interview is one way to get fired, but stealing shit or not showing up will get the same results with a lot less effort.

American McGee wrote:

"Bad Day L.A. will give gamers a one-of-a-kind experience -- from the astonishing graphical art style to the atypical storyline

the art is cell shaded and the storyline is about shooting zombies, but put them together and its ONE OF A KIND. McGee is going to have to put his dark soul of twisted darkness into overdrive while churning this one out.

American wrote:

"Bad Day L.A. features awesome combat, a variety of mission scenarios, and a main character whose constant cynical wisecracking and 'every man for himself' attitude make him one of the most hilarious and politically incorrect game 'heroes' to date. Bad Day L.A. is sure to offend half of America while giving the other half a much-needed escape from their everyday fears."

its like....its like some sort of insane shooting gallery of uninspired quotes!

IGN: How would you describe the comba-
IGN: Missions?
IGN: In four words or dumber, describe the main hero.

Players take the role of Anthony Williams, former talent agent and now a disgruntled homeless man.

while this may not sound like it would offend half of you, the hidden secret offensive part is that you're playing as a black action hero! read that last part again, this time without subconsiously substituting the words "action hero" with "drug dealer." That's so edgy, i feel cooler just having read it.

i also noticed that this isn't a twisted fairy tale game. Somebody finally told him being known as Todd McFarlane's American McGee wasn't scoring him any points, no matter how big and leather covered he made Cinderalla's tits. Someone needs new business cards!

final proof ign writer has just given up
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either Psychonauts really sucks or its in the same genre as Bad Day, that being VIDEOGAMES

like a fat black woman in a maze of poorly drawn, smoking cars, this game has rendered me speechless
does American McGee still hate you? by bombMexico 04/28/2005, 12:54am PDT NEW
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        Contour lines are _not_ lazy cell shading. They are EDGE! NT by motherfuckerfoodeater 04/28/2005, 3:55pm PDT NEW
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        Re: Something I just noticed by Andrew 04/28/2005, 5:40pm PDT NEW
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    So it's American McGee's edgy version of Postal? NT by Mischief Maker 04/30/2005, 8:39am PDT NEW
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    update by bombMexico 09/30/2005, 2:40am PDT NEW
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