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Hmmmmmm... (also thx, Kthor. FOR NOTHING. But for rec too.) by Zseni 07/20/2004, 1:34pm PDT
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I have been leveling a group of mead-slurping circus faggots in Devil Whiskey as of late, as the system requirements are very low and it works even on crappy computers, like the auxiliary one I've access to at nights. Plus, it's a fun game, even when you play as six bards and get killed walking to the weapons shop and laugh because you hate bards so much. In fact, someone has apparently created a "Bard's Tale" total conversion mod for it. ...However, if you truly enjoy moving your dudes around the screen in a tactical sense (I certainly do) then it's not the game you're looking for, as the game has a play perspective not unlike Wizardry.

But you enjoyed Wizardry, right? I could almost swear that you liked Wizardry 8. (I have Wizardry 8, but have yet to install it. Seeking opinions on whether I should.)

I really liked Wizardry 8 a lot, having thoroughly enjoyed the previous games in the series and finding that 8 kept everything good about them and dropped a lot of the stuff that sucked. That said, it is very much Just One Game. You can play different factions, there are a few NPCs you can incorporate into your party, and there's always that Lone Ninja party opportunity if you're Hard, etc, but it's Just One Game in the same sense that, you know, you're playing the interactive novel with fight scenes. But you love text adventure games! And Bard's Tale! You will probably enjoy Wizardry 8 too. Lost to the mists of V's cunt: my character creation guide/recs for Wizardry 8, one of the many love letters to BDR that he ignored when he tore my heart out of my chest and stomped on it like the precious little pansy he is (because SB told him I was crazy!)

I dig classic computer RPGs. They're the chicken soup and dumplings of gaming.

Also -- how is the combat in Dark Cloud II? Presuming it's somewhat like Disgaea, my second question is: Do you get lots of space to "spread out" on the various battle maps? The main thing I hate about Disgaea is that the boards you fight on seem very cramped.

It's nothing like Disgaea and also non-standard for console RPGs. You run your little guy up to little enemy guys and hit 'em. Think Final Fight or some other side-scrolling punch-out title - it's like that except in 3-D. And it's pretty awesome as a break from Point And Click Stats Parade Disgaea, which just makes me wish I were as obsessed with it as I am with Disgaea.

DC2 is fun, objectively. It even lets you skip cutscenes, bless its heart! Here are some things you can do in DC2 that you can't do in Disgaea:
- Run up to little enemy dudes and hit them with your bonk branch
- Build towns in a sort of The Sims: City Planner way
- Visit the future and play Hide N Seek for presents
- Golf! The golf minigame is fun and frustrating and very well-implemented
- Fish! The fishing minigame is simple and especially pleasant when you consider the game's lush time-tracking graphics (sunsets! Sunrises! Storms!)
- Take pictures of shit! Keep the important pictures in one album, keep your sentimental favorites in another! I liked this idea back in the first graphical Zork and it's just as good here, except there's room for as many pictures as you like in your little album here.
- Invent shit! And build it! This is actually a sparse twist on Fantasy Fed-Ex Boy + Mastermind, but it's still fun.
- Keep an aquarium! Enter your fish into fishing contests! Breed your fish! Battle your fish! Pokeriffic!
- Grill your fish and eat them to regain hit points!
- Skip cutscenes
- Amble around sunlit forest groves as mellow guitar music plays
- Pilot a huge robot or turn into a monster. Also: dress up/gear up the robot! Clown-suited robo wields immense katana, ho!
- Dress up your mage gal in hot slut outfits or princess gowns

Things DC2 has in common with Disgaea:
- Levelling. Level your stuff, your little dude, your photographer ranking, blah blah blah.
- Music that was never good to begin with and which quickly becomes unbearable, with the exception of the zinty accordion piece that plays in Palm Brinks in DC2. That stuff was way too hip for the room, and holds up much better than all the other music in the game.
- Cartoony. DC2 has a more Disneyish feel than Disgaea - not off the wall, just whimsical.

If you haven't played it, I'd definitely recommend a rental.
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