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Pure Pinball (PC) by Fussbett 06/08/2003, 2:10am PDT

A rare glimpse of Fussbett?!

A bunch of nobodies made this technically proficient realtime 3D pinball game for the PC featuring generic tables with nothing to offer, which stimulated no response in the pinball parts of my heart. THREE tables without a single fresh idea. "Excessive Speed" the "High Speed" ripoff but without the fun, "World War", the war-themed table (sans-Hitler), and finally "Runaway Train", the table about... old timey trains. I never know why these pinball projects don't always seek out a few licenses. I'd pay $50 for a Twilight Zone table done in this engine NO PROBLEM. Instead, I'm playing tables designed by Zsolt Klutsik, and I'm not saying Zsolt is bad at his job, I'm just saying his job is NOT "professional table designer". You know who employs professional table designers? Williams Pinball, not Iridium software. You may be thinking that I'm exaggerating, and that surely there isn't THAT MUCH involved with pinball table design. A couple of ramps, some multipliers, a few spintoggles, and maybe a rollquack -- voilà ! This all sounds great to me too, but I can't explain why I can pick almost any three fan-made copyright infrigement tables from my VPinball folder and though the graphics suck comparitively, I'm playing long after Pure Pinball is a distant memory.

However, I would definately recommend Pure Pinball to anyone who looks like the man in the reflection, because that's an extra layer or realism that you're not going to find anywhere else.
Pure Pinball (PC) by Fussbett 06/08/2003, 2:10am PDT NEW
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