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Def Jam: Battle For New York by curst 09/26/2004, 11:58pm PDT
SNOOP DOGG! And godDAYUM, he is pimped out five million ways to Sunday. The fur coat he wears in the game probably costs 100x the cost of the diamond Sean Paul necklace my character is wearing.

Anyway, DJ:BFNY is a good deal like the original, except that they racheted up the brutality big-time, the soundtrack's better in that half the songs suck but there's now about three times as many tunes overall, you can play as Flava Flav in a tuxedo (this alone nearly makes the entire experience as absurd as Katamari Damacy), luckily Ghostface Killah still wears the awesome sun medallion and has a golden falcon on his wrist, and the manual is quite possibly the worst I've ever seen for any game. Why not just put the DVD-ROM in a little plastic sleeve, scribble the game's name on it in marker and let me pay for that alone?

I'll save you a lot of grief ahead of time:

- As the manual miraculously DOES state on the one page that contains any useful information at all, you can block striking attacks by holding R1. But that'll only do you a tiny amount of good - what you really want to do is master counters. In order to reverse an attack to leave the opponent wide open for a counter, you have to both press R1 while simultaneously pushing up on the left analog stick. You can't use the directional buttons to do this, even though they otherwise serve the same exact purpose the left analog stick does. I don't know why this is, and it's not as if the manual bothered to explain.

- To counter grapples, you have to either punch or kick at the precise moment that the enemy's grapple animation is about to contact you. The timing is extremely tough.

- Don't bother playing the game on Hard. The game's idea of cranking up the difficulty is to have AI-controlled opponents counter everything, without fail. I don't think I've landed one attack on Hard. Literally. I tried playing a couple of matches and suffered two perfect defeats. This was after beating story mode on Normal, which BTW provides plenty of challenge. Since you won't receive any extra bonuses for playing on Hard, I say ignore it entirely.

- Yes, you have to unlock a bunch of the fighters and venues before they can be used in multiplayer. Goddammit, Fussbett, this didn't use to annoy me until you brought it up with Burnout 3, now I fucking hate unlockables and wish each game with them had a cheat code that instantly unlocked them all. BFNY does have cheat codes that give you 500 points that you can use towards purchasing unlockables, but that's not nearly enough to unlock everything you'll want. I also believe you can only unlock the special match types in story mode.

- Your charisma is not adjusted like the other stats - instead it's determined by the amount of money you spend on your clothes, ice, hair and tattoos.

It's still a pretty good game, but if you go in blind, the learning curve will frustrate you into quitting.
Def Jam: Battle For New York by curst 09/26/2004, 11:58pm PDT NEW
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