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boring and buggy by FABIO 05/08/2005, 11:47pm PDT
Runs like shit. Stutters all over the place. Long load times to even just access towns. All this poor performance despite that fact that it looks like shit. A pointless jump from colorful, effective sprites to ugly and clumsy 3D models that slows everything down.

Supposedly lots of ways to customize your armies by giving you a choice between two different creatures at each tier, but one is always better than the other so there really is no choice unless you want to take the weaker one for the sake of challenge.

Having heroes take part directly in the combat was a huge mistake. Once they level up, they're stronger than anything but the largest stack of the most powerful creatures. The most powerful armies are just a bunch of high level heroes and no creatures. This completely breaks the entire economics and production system.

Castles hardly provide any protection now. Gone are the days where you could mount a strategic defense and attempt to turn back the hordes at the gates with a much smaller defending army. Battering down the gate is now much easier (any unit can do it, no more catapult), and you only get one very weak attack tower.

Battles were less fun. I think it was due to a bigger battlefield where there was too much walking around so slow units were now useless, I'm not sure.

Most of the single player campaigns were just boring. Only one was decent, and another was impossible.

Just plain bad. They tried to add too much "depth" and bells & whistles to it and totally fucked up the simple, addictive formula of the previous games. Our little HOMM college circle soon went back to playing HOMM 3 instead.
Review Request: Heroes of Might and Magic 4 by Mischief Maker 05/08/2005, 8:13pm PDT NEW
    Well they sure never made King's Bounty 2 :( NT by extarbags 05/08/2005, 8:21pm PDT NEW
        Spot the progression by foolio 05/08/2005, 11:36pm PDT NEW
    boring and buggy by FABIO 05/08/2005, 11:47pm PDT NEW
    Absolutely beautiful graphics/sound. Terrible gameplay. NT by Daverd 05/09/2005, 1:46am PDT NEW
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