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Enigma: Rising Tide by FABIO 08/06/2005, 1:32am PDT
Naval warfare (circa 1939) game

Surface vs surface: Moving into range then waiting around while your artillery guns duke it out automatically until someone dies.

Sub vs surface: Waiting 30-60 minutes OF REAL TIME while your submerged sub moves at 8 knots and is in range before you click on the "fire torpedo" button.

Surface vs sub: Blasting surfaced subs with your 5 inch deck guns until they're on fire only to have them still dive and fire torpedos at you. Get right over the sub and fire your extremely limited depth charge supply (4 shots) at every possible depth setting only for nothing to happen. Unload half a dozen more 5 inch gun shots on sub when it surfaces again, only to have it dive and kill you with torpedos again. How many 5 inch artillery shots can a sub take and still be able to submerge? UNTIL YOU'RE DEAD!
Enigma: Rising Tide by FABIO 08/06/2005, 1:32am PDT NEW
    Re: Enigma: Rising Tide by Ice Cream Jonsey 08/07/2005, 4:45pm PDT NEW
        postively negative NT by FABIO 08/07/2005, 9:04pm PDT NEW
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