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Psychonauts by TAFKAM 09/26/2005, 12:43pm PDT
Psychonaughts: I'm interested in this one for the sole reason that OMM's Erik worked on it. I'm hoping he did a lot of the writing, because honest to god Tim Schafer is not that funny. Grim Fandango was his only game that approached amusing, but that was mostly due to the main character's voice actor's delivery rather than any of the actual writing.

(PC) Psychonauts was excellent. The humor was great, the game was long and the gameplay was fun. I'm not one for console-type games but this one really grabbed me. I downloaded it initially for the Erik factor, to try it for about twenty minutes and then throw it away but it grabbed me. Your main character drops one-liners that are actually funny and other than some horrible camera angles in a few levels the game was great. It's easily one of the best games I've played in the last few years and tragic that the publisher apparently aborted it with next-to-nothing advertising. Look for this one to be on many of those 'BEST GAMES YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED' lists. I am a Planescape cultist and put this game in the same league. Different type of game of course, but the level design, plot, voice-acting and script were Tier1 - It's a platformer with collectible elements. You'll laugh out loud at many points (Goggolor, housewife G-Man), be frustrated by others (acrobatic circus level) but overall I recommend it highly. It starts out slow but accelerates quickly after giving you some time to adjust to the style.

I'm giving this one about another two months before a replay. 9/10.
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