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Mario Kart DS by Pompei 01/04/2006, 2:08am PST
Foremost, I do not like the automatic handicapping of weapons.

I'm in the lead? Always a green turtle (or 3) and a banana (or 3). Never anything fucking else. I want my mushroom, faggots. MUSHROOM!

Ahem,'s just more Mario Kart but they've tossed in stats so as facilitate the grognard's urge to numerically understand just how very (un)different Koopa is from Wario or Donkey Kong. The choice of tracks is a pastiche of new and old, and coursing through them in the single player unlocks various new characters. Fleshing out those races is an option to engage in missions, which all amount to training in various aspects of the game such as drifting and power boosting, with a boss battle thrown in for fun.
Oh and you can play online, which has been surprisingly glitch/or fuck up free. Perhaps in an attempt to keep away Barborito stalking patterns, one can only invite someone to race if you've listed them as a friend, which requires a 12 digit friend code, and they've listed you as well. Nice, Nintendo.

The last Mario Kart I played was on the Super Nintendo and this feels a lot like it, albeit less frenetic and crazy leaving an overall enjoyable, happily repetitive game suited for play in small spurts. The price tag of $0 probably enhances my enjoyment of it. Thanks Santa for including that gift receipt with Sonic DS!

Still, that weapon nurfing pisses me off. I know it is for the sake of balancing, so as to keep me from strangleholding my lead but fuck...MUSHROOM!
Mario Kart DS by Pompei 01/04/2006, 2:08am PST NEW
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