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Sin Episodes (ep 1) initial things. by Creexul :( 05/10/2006, 5:27pm PDT
Pretty good actually, better than I thought it would be, especially considering how godawful Sin 1 was.

It is like a really excellent HL2 TC, and then some. None of the annoying shit that made Sin 1 suck, such as bad voice acting (surprisingly some of the same voice people reprised their roles in this and are really not at all annoying), better level design and layout with none of the boring wandering crap or swimming through underwater caverns that all look the same (instead the maps have a Half-Life 2ian feel to them but with the old Ord of the Level's touches like easy to find easter eggs thrown all over the fawkin place), better shooting people, ragdolls of course, a pretty good use of physics, a cool looking dynamic statistic tracking and dynamic fuckin uh uh uh UH!!!!!!! >:( difficulty system.

Other annoying shit that ISN'T in this game: boring 3 second soundtrack that loops for all eternity, dumb guards who all call you Barney Miller, AND THEN YOU MAKE THEM YOUR BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BETTER MAKE THOSE CRATES MY BITCH ALSO. Lame humor (there is some better, funny humor in this game, such as the vending machines of Grape Drink). Unsettling jello effect on models. Carrying 90 powerful or confusing pointless weapons but having no ammo for them and getting overstocked for a shitty assault rifle (there are only a few guns in this game but they're all pretty cool).

Downside: showstopper bug that me AND jso both hit, same place. The support forums are all over it and the QA guy says he is figuring it out right now.

There are a couple other nitpicks but I can get to that when I actually finish the game. There's probably only a couple hours left. ~_~
Sin Episodes (ep 1) initial things. by Creexul :( 05/10/2006, 5:27pm PDT NEW
    PS! (marginally nws) by Creexul :( 05/10/2006, 7:52pm PDT NEW
        PPS: fsbt's thoughts. by Creexul :( 05/11/2006, 2:19pm PDT NEW
        Re: PS! (marginally nws) by K THOR JENSON 05/11/2006, 2:32pm PDT NEW
        OMG HOT HOT NUDE ELEXIS INSIDE by Bald Bull 05/12/2006, 6:28pm PDT NEW
            Actual internet website link inside. by Creexul :( 05/13/2006, 4:20am PDT NEW
                Why that IS real. by Creexul :( 05/13/2006, 4:23am PDT NEW
                    Re: Why that IS real. by Bald Bull 05/13/2006, 8:08am PDT NEW
    Semi final thoughts. by Creexul :( 05/11/2006, 12:41am PDT NEW
        Re: Semi final thoughts. by Creexul :( 05/11/2006, 12:42am PDT NEW
        Re: Semi final thoughts. by Bald Bull 05/16/2006, 2:56pm PDT NEW
            Re: Semi final thoughts. by Creexul :( 05/16/2006, 10:04pm PDT NEW
    Sin ep's funny signs. by Creexul :( 05/11/2006, 2:20pm PDT NEW
        I like how the crate is labeled "Munitions, food, etc." NT by Mischief Maker 05/11/2006, 4:09pm PDT NEW
            And the top has a picture of a hammer hitting, like "break here." NT by Creexul :( 05/11/2006, 5:34pm PDT NEW
    Do those guys with the chain guns who say "I'm Unstoppable" seem unstoppable? by Worm 05/12/2006, 7:25pm PDT NEW
        The dynamic difficulty system read Caltrops and it hates me too. by Worm 05/13/2006, 12:03am PDT NEW
        Thanks wrom. Alt fire can launch contact grenades by the way. NT by Creexul :( 05/13/2006, 4:21am PDT NEW
            Which only one shots the guy if I hit him directly. by Worm 05/13/2006, 9:28am PDT NEW
                Actually, nothing oneshots the chaingun guys at all. NT by Worm 05/13/2006, 10:20am PDT NEW
                    cept the fire grenades NT by Worm's triptych post 05/13/2006, 10:24am PDT NEW
                        STATS! by Worm 05/13/2006, 11:31am PDT NEW
                Yeah then you zoom and headshot them to finish them off. by Creexul :( 05/13/2006, 5:40pm PDT NEW
                    Except they come over and over and over and over and over and over by Worm 05/13/2006, 10:00pm PDT NEW
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