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Land of the Dead (Xbox) by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/24/2006, 10:30pm PDT
I've been renting Xbox games and giving up as soon as they do something irritating. The first installment of this is Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green. As one of the relatively few people who liked the movie, I was actually rather psyched to start this one. The game starts off with a random hayseed defending his land which had nothing to do with the movie. Oh boy.

It must have been real tough coming to work for this one once Resident Evil 4 was released. You can sort of tell that they just gave up. The zombies don't shamble in a particularly convincing manner. The aiming is sloppy. The low ammo limit from the start was dumb and the game actually had the audacity to pull Babelfish-from-the-HHGG-game shit on me: I ran out of bullets. I had to go to the shed to get more. Oops, I don't have the key, that's in the basement. Haha, you can't get to the basement from the outside. I could then not find the key, though that was my problem. The zombies' feet went through the door (and only their feet) so I knew they were waiting for me on the other side -- that's got to be cleaned up before it gets released, especially on the first level. If they don't care then I won't bother with it. The bodies also do not remain on the ground, but evaporate. I don't remember that from the flick, but I have a bad memory.

The interesting part of the Land of the Dead movie (to me) was seeing the gay aspiring actor from L.A. Confidential interact with the retard and John Leguizamo. At first glance I thought my character was the retard, though that stopped the instant he started talking. I know that everyone involved in the movie was available for voice acting and I don't know anything about voice acting. This is just a stupid, generic zombie game with bad graphics.

It may get better later on, but I'm not sticking around to find out. If you did like the movie don't waste your money, this game doesn't have anything to do with it.

the dark and gritty...Ice Cream Jonsey!
Land of the Dead (Xbox) by Ice Cream Jonsey 09/24/2006, 10:30pm PDT NEW
    The guy who played the retard in the film used to date my aunt o_O by Jerry Whorebach 09/25/2006, 1:41am PDT NEW
    RE4 bodies don't evaporate also? NT by no! 09/25/2006, 5:43am PDT NEW
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