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Project Gotham Racing 3 by Jerry Whorebach 01/12/2007, 8:01am PST
Remember when Rev. Stu called Burnout 3 a huge disappointment and a step in the wrong direction for the series? Well, as much as he was wrong about that, he was right about PGR3: it really is that ugly, boring and joyless. Stu covered all the major problems, so here are some minor ones:

Like Gran Turismo, PGR3 settled for licensing RUF specially-tuned not-legally-Porsches instead of the real deal. They may argue that these look more-or-less exactly like Porsches, but so does the Mr. Do! Industries car from Ridge Racer, so why not license that instead? At least it's fun to drive.

After every race your time is automatically uploaded to the global leaderboards. This adds an extra layer of loading to an already painfully slow game.

Instead of just printing a list of cars you own, PGR3 builds you a fully 3D garage where you get to park all your cars and walk around looking at them. If you think this sounds more enjoyable than actual racing, eat a dick. Maybe next Bizarre Creations can tackle their dream project, Imelda Marcos' Closet Organizer.

If there's a way to change the color of your $400,000 automobile without selling it and buying another, I haven't fucking found it.

One of the Achievements requires you collect 7 specific exotic cars out of the game's 200+, but only names 4 of them. So if you were looking for a reason to visit GameFAQs, eat another dick.

Renders in some bullshit half-resolution like 540P, still only manages 30 FPS. One of the developers said that if they hadn't insisted on being a launch title they probably could have made that 720P and 60 FPS (like their competition).

So, on a combination of 1UP's scale, where "anything we score in the 9-10 range is considered excellent, 7-8.5 is good, 5-6.5 is average, 3-4.5 is bad, and 0-2.5 is terrible," and Michael Kerner's scale, where nothing is as it seems, I rate PGR3 "bad 1/2-"
Project Gotham Racing 3 by Jerry Whorebach 01/12/2007, 8:01am PST NEW
    Re: Project Gotham Racing 3 by Entropy Stew 01/12/2007, 10:16am PST NEW
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