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REAL Half-Life 2 review. >:( by Creexul :( 12/04/2004, 4:28pm PST


The graphics are better than the other "best graphics" games out there right now, including Doom 3 which used so much graphics technology that it somehow worked backwards to create places you couldn't look at. In this, the graphics engine is nice, sharp, flexible, and works great on many machines. Apparently the engine is left open for technological improvements in the future, so it can continue to scale up as technology improves.

The graphics in HL2 are really used for stuff you'll see though, not how glowy the lights are when you look at them kind of sideways. The level design, which is sort of related to graphics and stuff, is top notch mostly, the only thing keeping the graphics from getting an 11/10 is some of the tricky spots where you might get stuck or lost trying to find a place to advance. Mostly this happens on your first playthrough, where you can't find the ladder you're supposed to climb or you don't know if you're really supposed to jump the railing or find some stairs down.

SOUNDS: 10/10

The sounds are so perfect that they don't even need a better-than-perfect rating. Who even needs to talk about sound?

GAMEPLAY: 19/10 (was supposed to be 10 but I typed in 19 and just left it)

What keeps this from getting a 20 out of 10 is some of the glitches, AI crowding, the complaints you've heard by now. The worst part of this game is better than the best part of most games released since HL1.

M1: 10/10

There are many weapons that fill in for the M1, you got the magnum for rolling people up ragdoll style and throwing them into a corner. There's the crossbow which you can also use to nail people to walls. The pistol has semi auto fire. Once DOD Source comes out, HL2 will have an M1 included, so the M1 rating will get a more than perfect 11 out of 10 score. Also, the pheropods are better than an M1. As is the gravity gun.

OVERALL: 11/10

Best game ever.
REAL Half-Life 2 review. >:( by Creexul :( 12/04/2004, 4:28pm PST NEW
    It's hard to take a review like this seriously. Less fanboyism might be good. NT by William H. Hayt, Jr. 12/05/2004, 6:26pm PST NEW
        No. NT by Creexul :( 12/05/2004, 7:36pm PST NEW
        You're pretty much 2000% wrong. Period. NT by The Joosh 12/07/2004, 3:44pm PST NEW
            You agree with your brother and not me? The surprise is deafening. by William H. Hayt, Jr. 12/07/2004, 6:46pm PST NEW
                i dont know any of you fuckers and creexul is ON THE MONEY. by rock thudson 12/22/2004, 3:26am PST NEW
                    Re: i dont know any of you fuckers and creexul is ON THE MONEY. by Ludwig Wittgenstein 12/22/2004, 8:59am PST NEW
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