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Designing Shadow Complex by GDC 2010 07/24/2017, 1:16am PDT NEW

Shadow Complex is good by Lizard_King 08/30/2009, 12:26pm PDT NEW
    another arbitrary comparison by Lizard_King 09/05/2009, 6:55pm PDT NEW
    Wow, I didn't like this game at all. by Jerry Whorebach 03/23/2012, 2:17am PDT NEW
        Comprised should've been composed, obv. And SM was 15 years old in 2009. :( by Jerry Whorebach 03/23/2012, 2:26am PDT NEW
        Hi from the future! Thanks for saving me 5 bucks! NT by Mischief Maker 12/31/2016, 1:18pm PST NEW
            Turns out LK's tastes in games were as poor as his tastes in NT by social causes 12/31/2016, 7:04pm PST NEW
                This is a grudge that needs held NT by Caltrops 12/31/2016, 7:34pm PST NEW
                And his taste in US Military efforts. NT by mike williams usgamer 12/31/2016, 9:25pm PST NEW (PC port is free for a limited time, by still not worth it.) 12/04/2015, 7:29am PST NEW

The Games of 2009: Resident Evil 5 vs. Shadow Complex by Dream Cast 05/18/2016, 10:54pm PDT NEW

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