Foodfight (2012, Animated Movie)

Is Foodfight the worst animated movie ever made?

It’s set in a grocery store where, after all the people leave at night, the food mascots come alive in their own city. Just like Toy Story. Much of the budget was to be paid by the food makers for the product placements.

Charlie Sheen voices an Indiana Jones dog, who is a private eye who is also Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca who owns a nightclub. A sultry femme fatale moves in, representing “Brand X” which plots to use Nazis to take over the grocery store. The femme fatale (Eva Longoria!) tries to fuck Indiana Jones dog, but he turns her down because he has a sweetheart. She goes home with his best friend squirrel (he flies a plane, because he’s a FLYING squirrel) to fuck him instead. The squirrel is a sure lay because he flies around town offering to bukkake every attractive woman he sees. When the Nazis take over, Indiana Jones dog teams up with his squirrel buddy along with defunct video game character Aero the Acrobat (who is constantly trying to rape the squirrel).

This climaxes in food mascots having a food fight with Nazi stormtroopers, not just with food, but with gallons of snot and shit flying everywhere.

The animation looks like late 90s TV commercial CGI. The humor is cramming in hundreds of pop culture references and replacing key words with food names. Not even puns, just replacing words with names of food.

The condensed 15 minute version:


– It was scheduled to come out in 2003, but was pushed back first to 2005, then 2007, then finally came out in 2012. More on this later.

– Infamously horrible working conditions. Tons and tons of VFX people talking about how working there was sheer hell. Screaming bosses, a giant dog owned by one boss that roamed the office shitting everywhere, and only one bathroom for over 50 people. Working conditions were so bad, that some people only lasted six hours on their first day before quitting and walking out.

– In 2003, the director claimed that someone had stolen the hard drives in an act of “industrial espionage”. It is widely believed by those who worked there that he fabricated the story as a cover since there was no way it was going to be finished on time. Yes, the director allegedly made up a story about sabotage to cover his own ass over the delay.

– The only reason the movie was eventually finished was thanks to the WGA and SAG strikes, which put a halt to episodic TV and commercials, which put a lot of VFX houses out of business, which meant there were a lot of VFX people desperate for work who would do ANYTHING that came up. Despite how desperate they were, many of them quit after 6 hours as previously mentioned.

– The finished film ended up costing SIXTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS. It was auctioned off for 2.5 million in 2011. In 2012, it saw a limited release in the United Kindgom where it made roughly $20,000 opening weekend. It’s rumored that the estimated total international lifetime gross was under $100,000.

(The whole thing is up for free on Livestream.)

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