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Foodfight (2012, Animated Movie)

Is Foodfight the worst animated movie ever made?

An Analysis of the Movie Drive (2011, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston)

Editor’s note: I caught this over Netflix the other night. While I enjoyed the soundtrack and the pacing and the way it looked, I thought it was a terrible film overall. I then read what Mischief Maker had to say about it a few months ago. I gained an appreciation for Drive. There are spoilers […]

Five Documentaries About Exploitation and Horror

American Scary I came by my love of horror movies via a Saturday afternoon block called Thriller Double Feature that played on a local UHF station. We’d spend every Saturday when I was a kid lazily watching the TV as it played and replayed TV-safe versions of what would later be known as classic cult […]

BBS: The Documentary (Movie)

In order to pad stats, and make it seem like the relaunch of Caltrops is something to be excited about, I am reprinting my review of The BBS Documentary.